You Can Be Happy Again by Edwin Soriano

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You Can Be Happy Again by Edwin Soriano

₱250.00 ₱349.00 -29% OFF
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Pages: 135
Publisher: Shepherd's Voice Publications, Inc. (2016)
Edition: 1
Language: English

Do You Want to be Happy Again? Are you stuck in life?

What’s keeping you from moving forward? Do you want to be free from fear, unforgiveness and misery? This book will help you be happy again.

The tips in this book can free you from the chains that are holding you back from living your best life. Break free from the negative feelings and limiting beliefs that you may have unconsciously placed on yourself. Learn how to throw your excess baggage away and read about life-changing tools that will help heal your mind, heart and spirit.

These tips are tried and tested by people who were in your situation before. Through the author’s coaching techniques, they have moved forward and achieved their own breakthroughs. You can, too!

In this book you will:
• Learn tips on how you can personally conquer your innermost fears and self-limiting thoughts.
• Create breakthroughs in your relationships — whether personal or professional.
• Explore powerful techniques to help you accomplish your dreams and goals.
• Find out how you can be truly happy regardless of the circumstances you find yourself in.

Get out of your pain zone and take the necessary steps towards change.
Yes, you can be happy again!
You can be free to be the best that you can be!

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