Promag300 Transdermal Magnesium Nano Technology from ₱450.00 ₱650.00
PROMAG300 is MAGNESIUM HYDROXIDE that has undergone calcination process with NANO-ACTIVE TECHNOLOGY. It is designed to supplement our body with Magnesium Transdermally or through the skin hence thereby solving the problem of magnesium deficiency. TRANSDERMAL MAGNESIUM Therapy is a new process of magnesium intake that is easy, convenient and do-it-yourself way of supplementation.  MAGNESIUM is the most important major mineral that is needed by your body. In order to function correctly & efficiently, your body needs many nutrients. However, if it is deficient in Magnesium (Mg), there are over 300 biochemical reactions that either will not occur at all or will occur very inefficiently. Magnesium (Mg) is necessary for the correct assimilation of potassium, correct & efficient functioning of enzymes, most important of which is transport, store & utilize energy. Many aspects of cell metabolism are regulated by Magnesium (Mg) such as DNA & RNA synthesis, cell growth & reproduction. Magnesium (Mg) also orchestrates the electric current that sparks through the miles of nerves in our body. Without Magnesium (Mg) your body is going to be performing at very much less than full capacity. A deficiency in Magnesium (Mg) can go from slight to very severe & your body will be signaling to you that it is in trouble. Magnesium (Mg) is a mineral that’s crucial to the body’s function. Magnesium (Mg) helps keep blood pressure normal, bones strong, and heart rhythm steady. Experts say that this condition remains undiagnosed by doctors due to difficulty in screening and majority of Magnesium (Mg) is stored in the bones. Only 1 percent is in the blood streams. This mineral is the link to a better health. It is vital and crucial that we supplement ourselves with Magnesium (Mg) to prevent major illnesses and diseases. According to World Health Organization (WHO), “There is NO Single Disease not linked to Magnesium Deficiency!”. PROMAG300 is your all-around health and wellness companion, "The All-In-One Miracle in a Bottle". It will help you relax and have a better sleep.   Different Uses & Applications of Promag300 Transdermal Magnesium (Nano Active Technology) FOOD SOAK Soaking feet or legs in warm water with Promag300 is an effective way of absorbing this mineral, just put 10ml of Promag300 in a basin with 1-2 liters of lukewarm water then soak your feet for about 30 minutes-1 hour. While doing the foot soak, get a face towel and soak in the basin with magnesium then gently wipe it on the legs, arms and body for additional magnesium absorption.This method will be helpful to lessen, eliminate or cure your different internal health problems like diabetes, hypertension, bone and muscle or body pains, kidney problem, heart problem, brain illnesses, stress, constipation, insomnia, etc. FACIAL MASK Promag300 can be used as clay in mask because of its smoothing and skin-softening properties. Wash face with warm water then dry it up with clean towel. Mix 2 to 3 drops of water to a small amount of Promag300 then gently apply to the face. Leave on to absorb for about 15 to 20 minutes then wash it with water. Do this 2 to 3 times a week. This will lessen wrinkles, fine lines and help treat acne and pimples. WHOLE BODY MASSAGE Massage promotes blood flow, lessen body pains and will ultimately maximize the absorption of Promag 300 in the body. Mix 20% Promag 300 with 80% essential oil (ex. Virgin Coconut Oil). BODY BATH Soaking your body in a warm bath water mixed Promag 300 can be a great alternative to direct application. DEODORANT Apply to under arm after taking a bath to serve a natural odor blocker. For better and longer result pour just pour 2-3 drops of Magnesium then apply and leave on to under arm. DENTAL CARE Add 1-2 drops of Promag300 Magnesium to your toothpaste. This will help eliminate bad breath, bleeding gums and promote healthy and whiter teeth. SCALP & HARE CARE Just mix 20% of Promag300 Magnesium and 80% of virgin coconut oil. Apply or massage to hair and scalp. Rinse it after 10-15 mins. This method will eliminate dandruff, control falling hair and promotes healthy hair.  
NRB Magic Underarm Whitening Deo Cream from ₱119.00 ₱399.00
NRB Magic Underarm Whitening Deo Cream ============================================= 100% ORIGINAL/AUTHENTIC PRODUCTS GUARANTEED =============================================   It whitens and improves your underarm skin. It has the trend of setting your underarm perceptibly more white and smoother in just 3 days. The most effective whitening cream in the market today! Available in 20g & 40g Antiperspirant and deodorant too that lasts all day 😍   INGREDIENTS: Distilled Water citric acid, 1, 2, 6-Hexanetriol, polyethylene glycol 8000, propylene glycol and stearyl alcohol, alum   DIRECTIONS: Shake well before applying using your fingers. Please do not apply after shaving, plucking, waxing or bleaching. It can irritate the skin. Instead, apply it a day after.   Why use NRB Magic Underarm Whitening Deo Cream? 1. It visibly whitens your underarms as early as 2 weeks. **tip: Allow the cream to completely dry on your skin before wearing your clothes. It's advisable to use a fan. This would result to a faster and more even whitening of the underarm skin. Failure to do this would usually result to seeing the armpit folds brightening first compared to the rest of the skin but no need to fret... the rest of your underarm skin would eventually catch up. :) 2. No need to use deo. *tip: ALWAYS CLOSE THE CONTAINER TIGHTLY (as in air tight). This would prevent the product from drying up. If it stays creamy, it easily glides on your skin during application. 3. No fragrant smell whatsoever. 4. Smoothens underarm skin. 5. 1 container can last to 2 months usage. *tip: Apply just enough cream to cover underarm skin and do this once daily (after showering) 6. It's very affordable!
Sante Moments Pantyliners | Sanitary Napkin from ₱225.00 ₱638.00
Moments Anion Sanitary Napkins and Panty Liners have strong absorbing capacity for maximum leak protection. It has FAR infrared and Anion fibre core to help improve blood circulation, maintain natural pH levels and support reproductive health. Its delicately smooth and soft-to-touch cover gives comfortable protection during your period.Moments Anion Sanitary Napkins and Panty Liners have strong absorbing capacity for maximum leak protection.It has FAR infrared and Anion fibre core to help improve blood circulation, maintain natural pH levels and support reproductive health.Its delicately smooth and soft-to-touch cover gives comfortable protection during your period.
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ALTAIMUNE Miracle Essential Oil by WeProvide - Anti ... ₱2,499.00 ₱3,500.00
ALTAIMUNE is a food supplement made with wild honey (as carrier), water, and different types of 100% Pure, Natural and Certified Therapeutic Essential Oils Botanically and Biochemically Defined (EOBBD) such as: EO Curcuma longa (Curcumin), EO Origanum compatum (oregano), EO Zingeber (Ginger), EO Ocimum basilicum (Basil), EO Boswella (Frankincense), EO Cinnamomum cassia (Cinnamon), Slavia officinalis (Sage), EO Sygyeum armoaticum (Clove), EO Thymusvulgaris (Thyme), EO Menta Pepirita (Peppermint) that possess an anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties.   There are certain components of a variety of essential oils that have been shown to disrupt the viral lifecycle at different stages such as:   1. OREGANO - blocks viral attachment and entry. 2. GINGER - blocks viral attachment and entry. 3. CINNAMON - inhibits virus by preventing viral attachment and entry. 4. THYME - interferes with the virus envelope, and also masks viral components which are necessary for attachment, penetration, or entry into host cells. 5. PEPPERMINT - known to kill viruses within the cell. 6. CURCUMIN - suppresses viral multiplication in the transcription stage. 7. SAGE - disrupts the viral infection and replication processes. 8. BASIL - inhibits early stages of infection. Antiviral action at the intracellular level. 9. CLOVE - inhibits viral activity at the replication stage. 10. FRANKINCENSE - blocks the ability of the virus to assemble itself inside the cell.   Recommended use: • 3ml per day for prevention. • Drop directly in the throat.   Storage and Special Information's: • Store at 28oC room temperature. • Do not expose to sunlight to avoid oxidation. • Use under medical supervision.   Special Precautions and Warnings: • This food supplement is for adult use only. It is not intended for Children, Pregnant and Lactating Mothers. • An individual under drug treatment should secure approval from physicians prior to the consumption of this food supplement. • A very serious allergic reaction to this food supplement is rare.  However, seek immediate medical attention if you notice any symptoms of a serious allergic reaction, including rashes, itching/swelling especially of the face, tongue, and throat, severe dizziness and trouble breathing.
N88 Surgical 3Ply Non-Woven Fabric Disposable Face M... from ₱1.98 ₱6.00
N88 Surgical 3Ply Non-Woven Fabric Disposable Face Mask Excellent Quality 👉 Made of 3Ply Non-Woven Material, Thermal Insulation Cotton. It Is healthy and safe to use. 👉 Moisture-proof, Non-toxic, Non-irritating   👉 Elastic Ear Loop, Easy to Wear and No Pressure to the Ears. 👉 Breathable Material and Cute Pattern, which makes it useful and fashionable.👉 Provides protections against Dust, Automobile Exhaust, Pollen, Etc. 👉 3Layers Filter Air to ensure healthy respiration, keep your mouth covered and protected from pollution, chemicals, dust, virus and germs. Outer Layer   : non-woven material, inhibits dust and dust from degrading harmful substances. Inner Layer   : ultra-fine soft fiber, skin-friendly thickening and moisture-proof. Middle Layer: Melt-blown electrostatic micro-filtration layer, efficient filtration, isolation of fine particles from dust, droplets, etc, protection rate of 90 -95 percent. 👉 Suitable for ALL Areas where Protection is required. Material:Non-woven Fabric, Thermal Insulation Cotton Color:Light Blue Size :17.3× 9.5cm Quantity:50 Masks / Pack
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KN95 3D Anti-Fog & Dustproof Nano Filteration Breath... ₱24.00 ₱149.00
KN95 3D Anti-Fog & Dustproof Nano Filteration Breathable Non-Woven Fabric Face Mask Protection without Valve 👉 Made of high-density non-woven fabric, nano filtration-N95, filtration-high-breathable non-woven fabric, which can prevent dust, car exhaust, pollen, etc.. 👉 KN95 respiratory protection, filtering efficiency up to 95% 👉 3-Dimensional riding mask with 3-Dimensional filter, tight fit, anti-pollen, anti-smoke, anti-dust, anti-fog and eco-friendly mask. 👉 Mesh breathable composite fabric. After safety-certified disposable multi-layer breathing mask helps prevent you from inhaling fine particles. It filters out dust, pollen, mites, grass clippings, pet hair, dandruff, beauty, wood, construction, mowing, flour, mold, drilling, grinding and more.. 👉 KN95 dust mask is foldable for easy storage and can be used indoors and outdoors.   👉 Suitable for people of all ages and for all seasons.  👉 It is ideal for carpentry, sports, exercise, city cycling, running, cycling and motorcycle riding and travel.   #kn95 #kn95facemask #mask #n95 #5plymask  #facemask #anti-fog #anti-dust #non-wovenfabric #nanofilteration
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Korean Stereoscopic Flexible & Washable Anti-Dust Pl... ₱19.00 ₱79.00
Korean Stereoscopic Washable Anti-Dust Plain Cotton Facemask   Features: 👉 Washable and Re-usable 👉 Breathe Freely and Naturally 👉 Flexible and Adjustable elastic band 👉 Dried Quickly 👉 Economical and Durable 👉 Anti-dust & Anti-haze   Description: Material: High Quality Cotton (thin) Item: Anti Dust Non Woven Mask Safety Standard: O/TY002-2016 Gender: Unisex Color: Black   #facemask #mask #anti-dust #anti-haze #cottonmask #fashionmask
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SilverFresh Toothpaste (100ml) ₱375.00 ₱825.00
✳️SilverFresh Toothpaste✅SilverFresh is the FIRST #Toothpaste in the Philippines with #SilverIon Particles that helps prevent the growth of bacteria. It is the only toothpaste fortified with vitamin E and Zinc Lactate to promote fresh breath and clean teeth!✅Get that Silver Ion Clean! 🔹Anti-microbial 🔹Fights #infection 🔹Prevents #inflammation✅Be Confident with Zinc Lactate! 🔹Fights bad breathe 🔹Prevents #tartar 🔹Prevents #gingivitis✅Feel Fresh with Vitamin E! 🔹Moisturizing effect for that fresh feel in your mouth! #SilverFresh does not contain the harsh chemicals found in regular toothpastes. 🔹 no #PARABEN 🔹NO #TRICLOSAN 🔹no #FLOURIDE
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Aurora Eye Cream (30ml) ₱950.00 ₱2,090.00
Aurora Eye Cream is packed with botanical and instant tightening and lifting active ingredients that help in building essential collagen to increase moisture, nourishment, and firmness of the skin.Helps prevent dark circled eyes and puffinessTarget the fine lines and crow's feetProvides an immediately noticeable and long lasting tightening effectEye-lifting effectAnti-wrinkleAnti-agingParaben-freeSilicone-free  
IMAGES Collagen Moisturizing Eye Mask (7.5g) ₱108.00
Brand: Images Specifications: Normal Specifications Net Content: 7.5g (g/ml) Shelf Life: 3 years Applicable People: general Special Purpose Cosmetics: No Eye Care Sub-Function: Eye Mask WARM REMINDER:Warranty within 7days after the purchased should there be a factory defect we will replace it. After 7 days 1 Year Product Warranty on labor only. All shipping fees and parts for warranty claims to be shouldered by the buyer.  
[2+1 Promo] 24k Pasmacure Antiperspirant (20ml) - So... ₱2,399.00
PAWIS-ALIS with Skinsity 24k PASMACURE!NAGPAPAWIS kahit hindi mainit? Conscious about the humiliating and disgusting ‘BASKIL – basang kili-kili’ at kili-kili power phenomena? It is common every summer here in the Philippines and most likely every single day for people suffering from hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating.Having ‘BASKIL’ is not a life-threatening condition but it is a leading cause of embarrassment and humiliation.What are the effects of having ‘BASKIL’ moments?● You can’t raise your underarms● You change your clothes frequently● You can’t wear your favorite dark-colored clothes● You ended up using improvised underarm pads to save yourself from awkwardness. Thanks to Skinsity 24k PASMACURE, you can now BID GOODBYE TO SWEATY UNDERARMS, HANDS, AND FEET. PASMACURE helps reduce wetness and underarm odor so you can wear the clothes you love and stay dry and fresh all day long.Amazing Benefits of Skinsity 24k PASMACURE :● EFFECTIVE ANTIPERSPIRANT: Tired of trying deodorants and antiperspirants that DOESN’T WORK? The search is over now, PASMACURE is perfectly formulated for people with “PASMADO'' or sweaty hands, feet, and underarms. ● LONG-LASTING MOISTURIZATION: This is not your ordinary ANTI-BASKIL solution. PASMACURE is created to provide long-lasting moisturization – thanks to the naturally hydrating shea butter, coconut oil, peppermint oil, and vitamins C & E.● ELIMINATES ODOR: Stop the embarrassing body odor and stay fresh by using PASMACURE every day. ● NATURAL ANTIPERSPIRANT: Sweat less and smell your best without using any harsh chemicals. PASMACURE is known as the leading brand for excessive sweating made with natural ingredients and manufactured only in the Philippines.Our KEY ingredients:● Vitamin C or Ascorbic Acid is an antioxidant that helps boost collagen formation for a youthful and glowing skin● Vitamin E or alpha-tocopherol is an anti-inflammatory ingredient that helps nourish and reduces UV damage to the skin. ● 24k Gold dust helps the skin to absorb the serum for faster results.● Jojoba Oil has skin repair qualities that keep the skin calm and comfortable.● Coconut Oil has antimicrobial properties that can help treat acne and can also keep skin supple and well hydrated.● Shea Butter is a cosmetic ingredient that helps to soften, tone, and conditions the skin.● Peppermint oil naturally cleanses the skin and has antiseptic and antibacterial properties. It has a cooling effect that soothes irritation and inflammation due to acne.DIRECTION OF USE:1. Place 4 to 6 drops of 24k PASMACURE oil on the palm of your hand.2. Rub your hands to spread the oil thoroughly, then massage it into your hands, armpit, and feet. BASKIL NO MORE – the natural way!PASMACURE is already helping 1000+ customers get back their lost self-esteem. Hug and high-five with confidence now! ORDER YOURS TODAY and avail of our EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNT! The offer is valid for a limited time.    
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Angel Touch Gluta Tawas with Calamansi & Aloe Vera 1... ₱80.00 ₱176.00
Miracle Gluta Tawas w/ Calamansi Antiperspirant (New Packing)Miracle Tawas with Calamansi cream➡Anti-perspirant➡Whitening➡Anti-chicken skin➡Minimize Hair growthDETAILS: This product is said to also made in pure organics and natural ingredients. Super safe for pregnant even for breastfeeding mom.HOW TO USE: Apply a decent amount on my underarms and spread evenly every night.
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KB Underarm Whitening Spray (60ml) ₱875.00 ₱1,750.00
Whitens skin using highest whitening agent * lessens hair growth * lessens sweat * anti-microbialSPECIFICATIONS:- Net Weight: 2 oz/60ml(60g)- Master Carton size: Length: 5.5cm, Width: 5.5cm, Height: 11.5cmDESCRIPTION:KB Underarm Whitening Spray is a triple acting solution to underarm problems. It controls sweat, eliminates odour and whitens due to absence of alcohol and paraben.FEATURES:✅ Underarm skin whitening✅ Anti-microbial✅ Hair growth reducer✅ Sweat minimize✅ Absorbs in the underarm immediately✅ No paraben and alcoholHOW TO USE:Use daily after bath. Spray two to three times about 3-6 inches away from the underarm. If irritation occurs, discontinue useINGREDIENTS:✅ Alpha-Arbutin is the more effective, faster and safer approach to skin lightening. It lightens the color of the skin more efficiently than what existing single component does. Alpha-Arbutin blocks epidermal melanin biosynthesis by inhibiting enzymatic oxidation of Tyrosine and Dopa. It acts faster with all combined components. ✅ Allum or known as tawas is traditionally used for underam anti-perspirant. It can be used as a natural deodorant by inhibiting the growth of the bacteria responsible for body odor. ✅ Hydantoin serves as anti-microbial agent. Hydantoin- serves as anti-microbial agent
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Aurora Beauty Bar Soap ₱249.00 ₱349.00
AURORA BEAUTY BAR SOAP by i-FERN *From the makers of FERN-C & FERN-D*✅ Leaves your skin softer, smoother and lighter✅ Provides all day moisturized skin✅ Assists in skin rejuvenation✅ Whitens and nourishes skin✅ Prevents signs of ageing to preserve the youthful look✅ Helps diminish hyper-pigmentation, age spots, wrinkles, acne, and melasma✅ Balances oily and dry skin, thus improves smoothness and skin clarityWith 3 TRIPLE-A Moisturizing Ingredients💯 ARGAN OIL✅ Rich in Vitamin A and E✅ Packed with anti-oxidants, Omega-6 fatty acids, and Linoleic Acid✅ Skin moisturizer✅ Lessens the visibility of stretch marks✅ Balancing oily and dry skin💯 SWISS APPLE STEM CELL✅ Preserve the youthful look and the vitality of your skin✅ Improves smoothness✅ Reduce fine lines, wrinkles, and age spots✅ Combats chronological aging✅ Targets premature aging and fine lines💯 ALOE VERA✅ Natural moisturizer✅ Has antioxidant and antibacterial properties✅ Reduces acne and lighten blemishes✅ Helps prevent wrinkles✅ Helps with sunburns and reduces tan✅ Helps get rid of dead skin cells💯 10-in-1 WhiteTENing Ingredients (from France, Germany and Korea)✅ Centella Asiatica Extract✅ Morus Alba Bark Extract✅ Pyrus Malus Fruit Extract✅ Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract✅ Broussonetia Kazinoki Root Extract✅ Ergosterol Extract✅ Galactoarabinan Extract✅ Camelia Japonica Extract✅ Malus Domestica Fruit Extract✅ Oxalis Triangulis Extract
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NWORLD PROTX Hand Sanitizing Gel Antibacterial and M... ₱58.00 ₱200.00
PROTX Hand Sanitizing GelNet Wt. 100mlPlastic Bottle ContainerPROTX Hand Sanitizing Gel is a non-drying hand sanitizing gel containing Ethyl Alcohol that kills 99.9% of germs to keep your hands clean and moisturized. This product’s formulation is also hypoallergenic so it is safe for all skin types.- Antibacterial- Moisturizing- Hypoallergenic- Total Protection- Kills 99.9% Germs