The Marriage Youve Always Wanted by Gary Chapman ₱330.00
FROM AMERICA’S FAVORITE MARRIAGE EXPERT: “Could it be what we have called ‘love’ is not love at all?  Could it be that for most couples  love comes after the wedding…?” -- GARY CHAPMAN in The Marriage You’ve Always Wanted   But how does love grow? Respected marriage counselor Gary Chapman  author of the New York Timesbestseller The Five Love Languages  looks at the key issues that will help you build the marriage you’ve always wanted  answering such real-life questions as… Why won’t they change? Why do we always fight about chores? Why should we have to work at sex? In the warm  practical style that has endeared him to audiences worldwide  Dr. Chapman delivers advice on all the “big issues: money  communication  decision-making  in-laws  and much more. Plus: Each chapter includes a “Your Turn” opportunity for reflection and interaction with your spouse.   Discover the “joy potential” in your marriage and your “ministry potential” for God!  
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Happy Wife Happy Life by Chinkee Tan ₱399.00 ₱450.00
Written by Your Wealth & Life Coach Chinkee Tan & his wife Nove Ann Tan. It’s a happy and inspiring gift for someone special, for someone who makes you happy. A gift for any season … whether for a birthday, anniversary, wedding or any day you want a special someone to feel good. It’s a great gift all year round. “To Build Stronger Marriages One Couple At A Time.” This is our commitment to you, we will try our best to encourage, to educate, and to empower couples who want to be properly equipped in their marriage. At only P400 each.
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Something Happened on My Way to Happy Ever After ₱249.00 ₱300.00
PaperbackPages: 151Publisher: Shepherd's Voice Publications, Inc. (2014)Edition: 1Language: EnglishISBN-13: 9789710070749Something Happened on My Way to Happy Ever After!!!If your life was a Disney cartoon movie you’d think that your happy ever after just naturally unfolds one joyous occasion after another. But reality is far from that! Life happens. And with it conflicts and difficulties enough to make any sane person pull her own hair. What a relief to know that we have a faithful God who sees us through it all.Order today, ship tomorrow via Black Arrow or LBC. Cut-off every 2pm.#rissakawpeng #happyeverafter #princess #fairytale #God #faith #bosanchez #selfhelp #books #freeshipping #freeshippingshopee #bestselling #women #relationship    
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The 9 Secrets of Sticky Families ₱149.00 ₱200.00
PaperbackPages: 90Publisher: Shepherd's Voice Publications, Inc. (2014)Edition: 1Language: EnglishISBN-13: 9789710070862How to Create the Happy Home You've Always Wanted!Think about it: "Your call to create the happy home you've always wanted is just pages away!" "If you want to know simple and down-to-earth tips on how to create a home and not just a house read Kein's book! I found the stories especially about forgiveness and forgiving his dad to be heart-warming and inspiring. I believe many families will be blessed and become happier and stickier together by reading this book." -Ardy Roberto#bosanchez #selfhelp #book #svp #trulyrich #wealth #family #friends #relationship #people #change  
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The Old Path of Loving Relationships by Bo Sanchez ₱229.00 ₱300.00
Warning: This book can transform your entire life. Why? Because this book can change your relationships. There's a direct link between the quality of your relationships and the quality of your happiness. The equation is pretty simple: If you have happy relationships, you'll have a happy life. But if you have unhappy relationships, you'll have an unhappy life. But why stop at being happy? Bo Sanchez believes that beyond happiness is enduring success and that it is based on enduring relationships too.
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How to Deal with Horror Parents, Monster Kids, and F... ₱249.00 ₱300.00
Is Your House Haunted? Today, many homes are haunted by ghosts of their family’s past. Some people are haunted by the horrible way they were parented. Unfortunately, they find themselves repeating the same terrible mistakes with their own children. In this life-changing book, bestselling author Bo Sanchez turns into a spiritual exorcist for wounded families whose homes are haunted. Bo shares powerful secrets of how to stop toxic patterns inherited from one generation to the next. You’ll learn how to deal with monster parents and break the cycle of horror parenting. You’ll discover the three hats you need to wear to raise healthy kids. You’ll also find out the secrets on how to create a loving family and cut the roots of envy among your siblings. This book has the power to transform your families from horror families to happy families, from haunted houses to healthy homes.
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How to Deal With Difficult People by Bo Sanchez ₱274.00 ₱300.00
Are you surrounded by vampires? No, not the blood-sucking, fang-baring, garlic-hating kind. Those exist only in the movies. We’re talking about the ever critical, perpetually controlling, and forever complaining people in your life. In other words—the toxic people. The ones that do nothing but make your life difficult. If your answer is a huge “YES!”, then this book is for you. In this book, Bro. Bo Sanchez discusses how you can protect yourself from the difficult people in your life, and how to love them wisely. It gives you a deeper understanding not only of the people that surround you, but also yourself.
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How to Build a Happy Family by Bo Sanchez ₱324.00 ₱400.00
PaperbackPages: 146Publisher: Shepherd's Voice Publications, Inc. (2010)Edition: 4Language: EnglishISBN-13: 9789710070145Your happiness and success are based on your relationships. This book will teach you how to push upwards towards having a fantastic wonderful loving family. Wherever you are create your home now. Work on yourself. Work on your family. Work on your relationships. Feel at home.Order today, ship tomorrow via Black Arrow or LBC. Cut-off every 2pm.#bo #bosanchez #selfhelp #books #freeshipping #freeshippingshopee #bestselling #happy #family #relationship #parents #mother #father