The 9 Secrets of Sticky Families

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The 9 Secrets of Sticky Families

₱149.00 ₱200.00 -26% OFF
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Pages: 90
Publisher: Shepherd's Voice Publications, Inc. (2014)
Edition: 1
Language: English
ISBN-13: 9789710070862

How to Create the Happy Home You've Always Wanted!

Think about it: "Your call to create the happy home you've always wanted is just pages away!"

"If you want to know simple and down-to-earth tips on how to create a home and not just a house read Kein's book! I found the stories especially about forgiveness and forgiving his dad to be heart-warming and inspiring. I believe many families will be blessed and become happier and stickier together by reading this book." -Ardy Roberto

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