NRB Magic Underarm Whitening Deo Cream

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NRB 20g NRB 40g

NRB Magic Underarm Whitening Deo Cream

₱150.00 ₱399.00 -63% OFF


NRB 20g NRB 40g
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Product Details

NRB Magic Underarm Whitening Deo Cream =============================================

100% ORIGINAL/AUTHENTIC PRODUCTS GUARANTEED =============================================


It whitens and improves your underarm skin. It has the trend of setting your underarm perceptibly more white and smoother in just 3 days.

The most effective whitening cream in the market today! Available in 20g & 40g

Antiperspirant and deodorant too that lasts all day 😍


INGREDIENTS: Distilled Water citric acid, 1, 2, 6-Hexanetriol, polyethylene glycol 8000, propylene glycol and stearyl alcohol, alum


DIRECTIONS: Shake well before applying using your fingers. Please do not apply after shaving, plucking, waxing or bleaching. It can irritate the skin. Instead, apply it a day after.


Why use NRB Magic Underarm Whitening Deo Cream?

1. It visibly whitens your underarms as early as 2 weeks.

**tip: Allow the cream to completely dry on your skin before wearing your clothes. It's advisable to use a fan. This would result to a faster and more even whitening of the underarm skin. Failure to do this would usually result to seeing the armpit folds brightening first compared to the rest of the skin but no need to fret... the rest of your underarm skin would eventually catch up. :)

2. No need to use deo.

*tip: ALWAYS CLOSE THE CONTAINER TIGHTLY (as in air tight). This would prevent the product from drying up. If it stays creamy, it easily glides on your skin during application.

3. No fragrant smell whatsoever.

4. Smoothens underarm skin.

5. 1 container can last to 2 months usage.

*tip: Apply just enough cream to cover underarm skin and do this once daily (after showering)

6. It's very affordable!