MONEA Highlights Hair Bleach Powder (22.8ml)

₱29.00 ₱77.00 -63% OFF

MONEA Highlights Hair Bleach Powder (22.8ml)

₱29.00 ₱77.00 -63% OFF
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Product Details

Monea Highlights Hair Bleach Powder
A blue hair bleach powder used for highlighting the hair into lighter color in several streaks.

Get 12 tablespoon of hair bleach powder.
Pour into a nonmetallic bowl.
Mix with 6090 ml of liquid developer 12 depending upon the desired lightness of hair.
Development Guide After applying the mixture on the hair check every 10 minutes until the desired color achieved.
Rinsing Guide Rinse thoroughly with tap water.
Condition hair with Monea Powerdose hair color protect.
Rinse to restore the natural pH of hair.
Wear protective gloves Store Hair bleach powder in a cool dry place.

Do not use mixture if scalp is sensitive inflamed or has abrasions.
Do not use mixture on eyebrows or eyelashes.
Avoid inhalation of hair bleach powder.
If mixture gets in contact with eyes rinse immediately with water.
If irritation persist consult a doctor.