Merry Sun Permanent Hair Color Kit (Special Edition)

₱159.00 ₱389.00 -60% OFF

Special Edition

Rose Gold Super Decoloring Taro Latte Precious Turquoise

Merry Sun Permanent Hair Color Kit (Special Edition)

₱159.00 ₱389.00 -60% OFF

Special Edition

Rose Gold Super Decoloring Taro Latte Precious Turquoise
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Merry sun Excellence Fashion Ultra Lights lift hair up to 4X lighter without bleaching required! Formulated for Filipina Hair Color! Go ULTRA light, ULTRA caring hair!

Introducing our very own brand of permanent hair color Very easy to use and 100% safe, no ammonia, smell good and refreshing, and no need for oxidant or developer, ready to apply

How many boxes of Permanent Hair color do I need to use for my hair length?

A. For short hair = 1 box

     For medium length hair = 1 to 2 boxes

     For long hair = 2 to 3 boxes

Vegan, no animal cruelty

With Keratin, helps our hair grow faster

No need for oxidant cream / developer

Ready to apply, perfect for DIYs

Very effective and affordable

100% damage free

100% ammonia free

Has a good and refreshing smell

Semi-permanent hair color

Available in various colors


Product may be a bit different in actual due to the lighting effects during taking of photos.


💖 Is it safe to use permanent hair color during pregnancy?

Most research indicates the chemical in both semi-permanent and permanent hair color are not highly toxic and are safe to use during pregnancy. But you may be afraid to use hair dye while pregnant because hair dyes contain chemicals, so you might be worried you'll expose your baby to toxins. your concerns are valid.


Facts: It's safe to dye your hair while pregnant. But you should still take precautions to minimize the risk of causing harm to your baby. Wait until your second trimester to minimize potential harm to a developing fetus, some experts advise against coloring hair in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy.

💖 Is it safe to use Permanent hair color or Cellowax on breastfeeding moms?

It's fine to use Permanent hair color or Cellowax, many women uses different hair dyes and treatments while breastfeeding with no known negative effect.

💖 Permanent hair coloring for rebonded hair

If your hair is newly rebonded, you need to wait at least 2-3 weeks  before and after you do any other chemical treatments including hair coloring.

💖 Why Permanent hair color special edition pastel color doesn't work on my hair even if my hair is already bleached?

Yellow tones will interface with a cool color, so if you want pastel hair, you need your hair to be very pale blonde almost white hair.

💖 Right age to start hair coloring

Never apply any kind of Permanent Hair color to a child 8 yrs old and below

    Kids 9-10 yrs old = use dark hair colors only

    Teenagers = highlighting or lightening hair

    Adults 20's and up = Bleaching or lightening hair

💖 What is the best color to cover gray hair?

Natural Black, Brown, Dark Brown, Golden Brown, Chestnut Brown