IMAGES Whitening & Freckle Facial Mask (25g)

₱49.00 ₱108.00 -55% OFF

IMAGES Whitening & Freckle Facial Mask (25g)

₱49.00 ₱108.00 -55% OFF
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Product Details

Gentle and moist care, makes the skin soft and shiny; light and soft in texture, helps to improve dry skin, makes skin
moist, fine and glossy, so that the skin will be smooth, soft and beautiful.

After cleansing, open the mask and apply it to the eyes, nose and lips. Remove the mask after 15-20 minutes and gently pat with your hand until the remaining essence is absorbed.

– Due to the different skin characteristics of each person, the adaptability of different skin care products is also different; In use of any new product, it is recommended that you try it on the skin behind the ear first. If you feel uncomfortable or have abnormal skin reaction, please stop using it.
– Do not use on children under 3 years of age
– Hyaluronic acid is the popular name for sodium hyaluronate.

Please keep it in a cool place and avoid high temperature and direct sunlight or put it in a refrigerator. Please keep out of children's reach.