Fern-Activ by iFern (60 capsules)

₱850.00 ₱1,550.00 -46% OFF

Fern-Activ by iFern (60 capsules)

₱850.00 ₱1,550.00 -46% OFF
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Avoid stress and stress-related illnesses!
Our body is made up of 3 - 7 trillion cells. 90% of the cancer cells inside our body are active when we are stressed, causing us to get various stress-related illnesses.

Take FERN-Activ – A natural B complex supplement which helps the body’s ability to cope with stress, depression and anxiety.

Each capsule contains 100% Value of all eight B vitamins we need to cope with stress!

B vitamins present in each capsule of FERN-Activ:
B1 - Maintains healthy mental attitude. Keeps our nervous system healthy
B2 - Maintains healthy stomach and digestive function
B3 - Prevents depression, irritability and mood disturbances
B5 - Enhances nervous system’s activity
B6 - Boosts the immune system in times of anxiety
B7 - Balances mood and stabilizes stress
B9 – Prevents depression and fatigue which produce higher level of stress

Stress-related illnesses are:
Heart Problems
High Blood Pressure
Accelerated Aging – about 9 to 17 additional years
Headaches & Migrains
Excess Weight
Stomach and Digestive Problems
Depression and Anxiety
Alzheimer’s Disease