Equicell Fastrack & Builder Packages from ₱9,288.00 ₱9,288.00
ULTIMA 17 is a food supplement made with “PURE” Chokeberry (Aronia Melanocarpa). Black Chokeberry (Aronia Melanocarpa) is a berry with a high content of POLYPHENOLS, ANTHOCYANINS, and possesses one of the highest Antioxidant activities among plant species and gamers one of the highest scores in Oxygen Radical Absorption Capacity (ORAC) among all berries and fruits currently known. This berry is very rich in Vitamin B17 known as the Cancer Killer! 6 EPIGENETIC KNOCKOUT PUNCHES AGAINST CANCER 1. Pinahihinto nito ang pagpapalakas ng mga cancer cells para hindi na dumami. 2. Ito ay nagbibigay ng signal sa mga cancer cells para sila ay mai-stress hanggang sa mamatay. 3. Binubuksan nito ang ating gene suppressor sa katawan na at kapag naramdaman ng mga cancer cells sila ay namamatay. 4. Ito ay nagbibigay ng signal para I-repair ang napinsala at nasirang DNA. 5. Ang mga CFP ay kumikilos sa mRNAs. Pinalalakas nito ang ating TUMOR SUPPRESSOR at hinaharang ang kapasidad ng mga oncogenic capacities upang hindi na maka paminsala sa iba pang mga cells. 6. Binabara nito ang methylation at pinatitigil ang pag-galaw ng genes ng mga cancer **** EQUI Spirulina: 🍃 EQUI Spirulina® Is Extremely High in Many Nutrients 🍃 Powerful Antioxidant and Anti-Inflammatory Properties 🍃 Can Lower “Bad” LDL and Triglyceride Levels 🍃 Protects “Bad” LDL Cholesterol From Oxidation 🍃 May Reduce Blood Pressure 🍃 Improves Symptoms of Allergic Rhinitis 🍃 May Be Effective Against Anemia 🍃 May Improve Muscle Strength and Endurance 🍃 May Aid Blood Sugar Control 12 capsules of EQUI Spirulina® is equivalent to 1 kilo of fresh fruits and vegetables in terms of nutrients. **** Equi Totalcare is a food supplement made from the combination of the following: 🧡 Nutritional ingredients from spirulina 🧡 Natural antioxidant extract of camu camu and aronia berry 🧡 Natural anti-flammatory curcumin 🧡 Nattokinase enzyme 🧡 Serrapeptase enzyme 🧡 Digestive enzymes **** Equi Viraquil IMMUNE SYSTEM BUILDER AND PROTECTION💪 Ingredients and their antiviral actions: ✅ Oregano - Directly kills and attacks viruses outside the host cell. ✅ Ginger - Prevents attachment and entry of viruses to host cell. ✅ Thyme - Prevents attachment and entry of viruses to host cell. ✅ Clove - Prevents replication of viral materials. ✅ Basil - Prevents replication of viral materials. ✅ Cinnamon - Prevents replication of viral materials. ✅ Frankincense - Blocks assembly of viral materials to form new viruses. ✅ Peppermint - Directly kills and attacks viruses inside the host cell. ✅ Turmeric - Prevents replication of viral materials. ✅ Sage - Prevents replication of viral materials. **** Equi GlutaHeart Calci-blockers and other anti-hypertensive meds will become the maintenance medication for people affected by circulatory and heart problems. Unknowingly, these so-called maintenance meds will maintain this condition for the rest of their life and not having to experience the real remedy.
Rosmar Kagayaku Bleaching Whipped Soap 10x Instant W... from ₱39.00
Rosmar Kagayaku Bleaching Whipped Soap 10x Instant Whitening Scar Remover 70g VARIATIONS: 👉 CONDENSADA 👉 VANILLA 👉 BUBBLEGUM 👉 CITRUS   Active Ingredients: ✅Glutathione ✅Collagen ✅Alpha Arbutin   BENEFITS: ✅10x instant whitening ✅For smooth and glowing skin ✅Anti-aging soap that helps richly hydrate and tone skin ✅Fights the signs of premature skin aging with continuous use ✅Helps with the rebuilding of cells beneath the surface of skin ✅Safe for KIDS, PREGNANT & LACTATING MOM for face to toe
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Multi-function Folded Trolley ₱1,020.00 ₱1,260.00
Product Description: ✔ Trolley ✔ Loading weight: 80kg ✔ Products features: lightweight, beautiful, fastness and folding ✔ Main Application: Home, travel, picnic, office and airport ✔ easy to fold ✔ Lightweight Aluminum Frame, Holds Up to 80Kg. ✔ Easily Folds Compactly For Ease Of Storage. ✔ Toe Plate And Wheels Open Simultaneously. ✔ Folding Hand Truck ✔ Features: Easy To Expand And Contract ✔ Max Weight Capacity 70Kg ✔ Unfold Size: 38.3 x 40 x 97 Cm ✔ Folded Size: 38.3 x 6 x 67.5 Cm ✔ Item Weight: 2.75Kg Approx
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Ultra Bright CREE XML T6 LED 5 Mode Bright Zoom Flas... ₱270.00 ₱420.00
PRDUCT DESCRIPTION: ✔ Used widely for day-to-day life ✔ High lumen output ✔ Also could be used as an emergency lighting ✔ 5-mode adjustable brightness: High / Mid / Low / Strobe / SOS ✔ Long lifespan
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SkyCity Tummy Trimmer Slimming Pedal ₱358.00 ₱478.00
Product Description: ✔ tummy trimmer ✔ tummy trimmer exercise ✔ pedal tummy trimmer ✔ tummy trimmer slimming pedal with free | skycity store ✔ tummy belly trimmer ✔ slimming tummy cream ✔ slimming trimmer ✔ tummy trimmer with yoga mat ✔ tummy trimmer equipment ✔ tummy trimmer with mat ✔ tummy trimmer set  ✔ tummy trimmer exercise original ✔ tummy trimmer pink ✔ tummy trimmer sale ✔ arm and tummy trimmer ✔ original tummy trimmer double spring ✔ hula hoop tummy trimmer ✔ tummy strimmer ✔ tummy slimmer ✔ body trimmer ✔ tummy trim ✔ waist trimmer ✔ tummy trimmer exercise waist abs workout ✔ tummy slimmer exercise ✔ abs trimmer ✔ clears pedal ✔ skinny pedal ✔ waist trimmer ✔ tummy roller ✔ slimming exercise equipment ✔ tummy trainer ✔ tummy trimmer with sweat belt buy 1 take 1 exercise equipment ✔ fitness equipment ✔ exercise equipment for tummy ✔ exercise all equipment ✔exercise equipment for belly for exercise ✔ abs exercise equipment ✔ foot exerciser ✔ body trimmer for exercise ✔ exercise equipment for tummy | exercise | ✔ fitness gym
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LCD Writing Tablet Smart Notebook ₱216.00 ₱300.00
Product Description: ✔ The LCD Board tablet's pressure-sensitive LCD writing surface creates lines of different thickness based on how hard you push just like paper and pen. Erase your image with the touch of a button. ✔ It is suitable for designer, business man, teacher, students, doctor, even housewife for the daily shopping note. It is really a good gift for children, and friends. ✔ An alternative to traditional paper, Erase your image with the Touch of Erase Button, saving you a lot of money. ✔ Good Company for Children in Daily Life and Study Good for Writing, Arithmetic, Spelling and Drawing practice.  ✔ Good way to help establish children's awareness of environmental protection simultaneously.  ✔ Love from family-- To-do lists recorder, messages reminder. ✔ Perfect for writing to-do lists, shopping lists, appointment reminders, short memos and leaving notes for friends and family. ✔ Say Good-bye to Mussy Working Areas. ✔ The color is soft, does not hurt the eyes, no radiation. ✔ Suitable for writing and painting. ✔ Pressure sensitive, easy to use and play. ✔ Transparent screen, single button. ✔ Ultra-thin and lightweight design for comfortable wear. ✔ The product has a built-in CR2025 battery ✔ Energy-saving design, only consume power when deleted. ✔ Eco-friendly Environmental protection, papleless, lightweight, it is quiet easy for you to take with in a purse, scheduler, briefcase or backpack. ✔ Ultra 1/8 thin" , 8 inch LCD writing table. ✔ Dimensions28*18.5*0.5cm. ✔ Sealed 3v watch battery provides over 50,000 erase cycles and it can be replaced Ultra-bright LCD writing surface with one Stylus and replaceable coin-cell battery .The case and LCD are made from durable plastic materials. ✔ Support tap cleaner, can use the write board Recycling, environmental and friendly ✔ Material: ABS ✔ Size:28*18.5*0.5cm ✔ Press:10-20g Annoyed by the paper flying around in your work office? Want to keep your working area clutter-free and stay organized? That\\'s it! Our LCD Writing Board will drive all the troubles away and keep you a good working mood. Best Gift for Family/Children Love from family-- To-do lists recorder, messages reminder. Perfect for writing to-do lists, shopping lists, appointment ,Games like Bingo, Hangman, Naughts and Crosses, etc. will add enjoyment of daily life and get-together time and this LCD board definitely become a good instrument.
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Universal Clip-on 12x Optical Zoom HD Telescope Came... ₱180.00 ₱346.00
Product Description: ✔ Suitable for watching contests, concerts, tours, animal watching enthusiasts. ✔ A large wide-angle, large amount of light, high resolution, good color reproduction, and significantly improved the image quality of mobile phones. ✔ Overcome the shortcomings of camera phones that can only be seen from a distance, so that the vision can be clearly reproduced in front of you, with 8X, 12X zoom, and adjustable focus. ✔ Magnification: 8X, 12X ✔ Observation distance: ≥ 3 meters ✔ Packing list: 1 x Lens Notes: 1. Manual measuring, please allow 1 ~ 3mm. 2. Due to the difference between different monitors, the picture may not reflect the actual color of the item. We guarantee the style is the same as shown in the picture.
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Compact Sun Umbrella Sunshade with UV Protection ₱180.00 ₱238.00
Product Description: ✔ Brand Name: Fungus Flower ✔ Product parameters: ✔ Origin: Mainland China ✔ Province: Guangdong Province ✔ Prefectures and cities: Shenzhen ✔ Popular elements: small and fresh ✔ Color classification: Bowknot-pink purple bow-purple simple grid blue simple grid black newspaper-black newspaper-blue newspaper-white fawn model light blue fawn model beige fawn model pink three fold water blooming manual pink three fold water blooming manual Rose Red Tri-fold Water Flower Manual Fruit Green Tri-fold Water Flower Manual Blue Tri-fold Water Flower Manual Purple Tri-fold B073 Vinyl Manual Navy Tri-fold B073 Vinyl Manual Pink Tri-fold B073 Vinyl Manual Purple Tri-fold B073 Vinyl manual sky blue three fold B073 vinyl manual yellow three fold cherry blossom manual blue three fold clear lotus three fold B701 Van Gogh 50 fold 6 bone manual pink maple leaf 50 fold 6 bone manual white cactus 50 fold 6 bone manual pink love 50 fold 6 Bone manual pink cactus 50% off 6 bones manual white maple leaf 50% off 6 bones manual white love 50% off 6 bones manual black maple leaf 50% off 6 bones manual black love 50% off 6 bones manual black cactus 50% off 8 bones manual pink maple leaf 50% off 8 bones Manual pink love 50% off 8 bones manual pink cactus 50% off 8 bones manual white maple leaf 50% off 8 bones manual white love 50% off 8 bones white cactus 50% off 8 bones manual black maple leaf 50% off 8 bones manual black love 50% off 8 bones manual Black cactus custom dedicated ✔Umbrella cloth: impact cloth ✔ Open method: manual ✔ Item: 50% off umbrella ✔ Radius: 48cm (inclusive)-53cm (inclusive) ✔ Umbrella coating: vinyl ✔ Listing year season: Summer 2020 ✔ Type of umbrella: parasol ✔ Applicable object: Adult ✔ Gender: unisex ✔ Umbrella pole material: steel ✔ Style: five-fold umbrella ✔ Design service life: 5 years
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38CM Universal Anti-Slip Steering Wheel Cover in Red ₱216.00 ₱300.00
Product Description: ✔ Fabric Fish Net Stitching + Anti Slip Material, Installs easily ✔ Fits 14-15" Steering Wheels ✔ Breathe Freely Massage grip makes for a thicker, more comfortable feel ✔ Adds comfort and style to any vehicle while protecting the vehicle's original steering wheel ✔ Reason for Buying a Cover: Quality, Durability and Great Grip for a much better driving experience.
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Universal Waterproof Motorcycle Cover Big Size Black ₱234.00 ₱300.00
Product Description: ✔ High Quality ✔ Brand: Yi Fang Tian ✔ Durable Protect your motorcycle from exposure to sun, dust, pollutants and moisture ✔ Compatibility: Fits to Rouser, FZ, SZ, and other city bikes ✔ Waterproof and easy to clean ✔ Size: 197cm*79cm big size motorcycle for any model
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USB Digital PC Camera ₱450.00 ₱792.00
Product Description: ✔ Hi-resolving power: 640-480 ✔ Video Format: 24-Bit RGB ✔ Interface: USB ✔ Automatic White balance ✔ Manual Focus ✔ Shutter Key ✔ Adopt 1/4 inch CMOS image sensor technique, 60 degree visual angle, with MIC  ✔ USB 2.0 port, compatible with USB 1.1, Plug and play  ✔ Automatic exposure, automatic white balance, automatic gain control, automatic color compensated/contrast and other advanced function.  ✔ Video mode: 8 / 16 / 24 bit true color  ✔ CIF (352 x 288) format, up to 30fps  ✔ VGA (640 x 480) format, up to 10-15fps  ✔ Focus Distance: 30mm - infinity  ✔ Visual Angle: 60 degree  ✔ S/N: >42dB  ✔ Dynamic Range: >72dB  ✔ Support format: TWAIN, VFW, direct show  ✔ Support and the static and dynamic image capture: 5000 x 4000 (static), 2048 x 1536(dynamic)  ✔ Cable length: 1.1m  ✔ Size: 24.3 x 7.8cm  ✔ System requirement: Windows 98 SE / ME / 2000 / XP / Win 7 32MB memory (64MB recommended) 20MB hard disk 2D/3D display card
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USB STICK CAN BEND / USB FAN ₱66.00 ₱118.00
Our favorite yes! To find out the latest product update from us. Ready pink, orange, and black. The mini USB fan is usually installed on the laptop to make the user feel them when working in front of the laptop, and can also be directed to the laptop's body to avoid overheating when working, because the mini fan's body is flexible so that it can be directed anywhere. This multi-function mini fan can be installed on a power bank, pc or anything that has power and has a plug or USB port. And its small size makes it easier for us to go under where2 and on holiday trips, picnics, mudiks, etc. #Fan prosper #Attachment #Fanlaptop #Fanminiusb #Here #PortableBrand: xiaomiModel: xiaomi 2leavesFunction: mini fan    
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Mini USB Wifi Adapter 150Mbps 2dB USB Wireless Netwo... ₱216.00 ₱420.00
Product Description:  ✔ Product Model: 2DB with antenna 150M network card✔ Product Color: Black✔ Product Material: Plastic + Metal✔ Product Chip: WT7601UN USB head size: 3.6 * 1.5 * 1.2cm✔ Antenna size: 10.8cm✔ Product accessories: 1 * 150M network card 1 * CD✔ Item Name: WiFi Adapter ✔ Transmission Rate: 150Mbps ✔ Antenna Gain: 2dBi ✔ Interface: USB 2.0/1.1 high-speed ✔ Wireless Standards: IEEE 802.b/g/n ✔ Frequency range: 2.4~2.4835GHz RF ✔ Power: 20dBm (Max) ✔ Operation system supports for Windows 7/8/10/XP/Vista etc. ✔ Package Contents: 1 ✔ WiFi Adapter -2dB ✔ Antenna, 150Mbps ✔ 1 CD Driver Only the above package content, other products are not included.Mini USB Wifi Adapter 150Mbps 2dB USB Wireless Network Receiver Return Policy:We advise that upon arrival of your ordered item, please check the item right away. Ask the delivery man to wait for you while you check the item. If defective, you can cancel your order right away. But we assure you that we all items are tested, complete and in good condition before shipping. If in case your ordered item becomes defective after 7 days, you can send the item to our shop provided that the condition of the item is still in good (no dents, complete accessories and with box). Please be reminded that customer will shoulder all shipping fee. Sometimes, item becomes defective during transit. For replacement, only maximum of 7 days after purchase provided the items is complete and in good condition. Again, Please be reminded that customer will shoulder all shipping fee for repair/replacement.Kindly Read : COD is only available in selected areas. To know if your area is supported, try to place an order, if you are able to click the Cash on Delivery button in the payment method, it means COD is available in your address. If COD is not clickable, then your area is not supported.Wireless speed up to 150Mbps, perfect for internet surfing and on-line gaming Complies with IEEE 802.11n (Draft 2.0), IEEE 802.11g, IEEE 802.11b standards Supports 64/128-bit WEP, as well as WPA/WPA2 and WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK encryptions Supports WIN2000, XP, VISTA, WIN7,WIN8,WIN10 operating system Seamlessly compatible with 802.11b/g/n devices.Q&A:Q1. I do not have CD rom, can I download driver online ? A1. Yes, You can contact us for the driver download link, Please do not download the driver from other place, We can not sure it will work for our wifi adapter. Q2. I set up adapter follow the video, but I can not connect to internet, How to fix it ? A2. 1. Please check whether your wifi password including any special characters. such as ~!@#$%^&*()_+=-`. 2. Please check Network sharing center, if you see FF-FF-FF-FF-FF-FF, contact us. 3. Please check whether you disable other manufactures' wireless network adapter in advance. Check it in "My Computer"-"Manage"-"Device Manager"-'Network adapters". Note: Light shooting and different displays may cause the color of the item in the picture a little different from the real thing. The measurement allowed error is +/- 1-3cm.
Promag300 Magnesium Spray (Water based not Magnesium... from ₱390.00 ₱590.00
WHAT IS PROMAG 300?PROMAG 300 is a Magnesium Hydroxide that has undergone calcination process for human use using Nano Technology. This is a water-based Promag 300 spray so we highly advise you to shake the bottle before every useCONTAINS: - Deionized water- Magnesium Hydroxide- DMDM HydantoinIndications: Magnesium helps improve your skin's overall appearance and reduces acne.A naturally occurring compound used as deodorant.Magnesium Spray has the effect of calming and promotes relaxation.Directions for use: 1  Spray onto skin and lightly massage the area. 2  Let it dry for precaution 3  Let it dry for a few secondsBENEFITS OF MAGNESIUM✓ Promotes better Sleep✓ Reduces inflammation✓ Helps regulate blood pressure✓ Maintains a healthy blood sugar balance✓ Enhances energy, athletic performance and exercise recovery✓ Reduces muscle aches, pains, cramping and spasms✓ Helps in relaxation and stress management✓ Helps relieve depression, anxiety, and improve moods✓ Provides healthy skin and reduces outbreaks of eczema✓ Helps in the treatment of cancer, diabetes, arthritis, joint pains, and chronic illnessesUSES OF PROMAG300 FOOT SOAK- Anti-bacterial/helps remove odor- For relaxant- For kids/infants : good for baby bathFACIAL MASK- Exfoliates and removes dead skin- Prevents sun spots or discoloration- Controls acne caused by oily skin- Detoxify and cleanses the skinTHERAPEUTIC MASSAGE - For better muscle tone and flexibility- Better muscle relaxation and instant relief- Reduce incident of leg cramps- Provides better athletic performance and endurance- Decreases post workout fatigue, muscle soreness and pain / quick muscle recoveryDEODORANT- Removes unwanted body odor caused by perspiration- Whitens armpitsORAL CARE - PROMAG 300 stops gum bleeding when mixed with toothpaste and used regularly- It is magnesium not calcium that resist decayHAIR & SCALP- PROMAG 300 plays an important role in slowing down and stopping age-related hair loss- Using PROMAG 300 with shampoo can restore health to the scalp, prevents dandruff and falling hair- A 'dab' of PROMAG 300 with oil on the scalp will prevent graying of hair  
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JK-8 1000W Power Vacuum Cleaner ₱1,198.00 ₱1,918.00
Product Description: ✔ Perfect for your furniture, upholstery, frames, curtains, shelves, computers, cars and many more! ✔ With Bionic Cartoon design ✔ Easy to clean vacuum filter ✔ Lightweight, compact size, and very easy to use ✔ Includes flexible vacuum snout with crevice nozzle, small and large brush, and shoulder straps ✔ Power supply: 220V 50Hz 1000W Does making your house or car squeaky clean stress you so much? Worry no more because the 1000W Power Vacuum Cleaner is here to the rescue! This vacuum cleaner is ideal for home, office, and car use as it effectively picks up the dust and dirt from floors and other surfaces. Its powerful suction feature allows you to clean even the inaccessible nooks so dust and dirt could never hide anymore. You can now bid goodbye to your traditional cleaning materials! This vacuum cleaner’s lightweight and handy design, plus its six-meter cord, lets you utilize it conveniently and accomplish your job quickly. Thus, it’s really the best tool that you can depend on in cleaning your furniture, upholstery, frames, curtains, books, computers, cars, and a lot more. The 1000W Power Vacuum Cleaner is an ideal vacuum cleaner that effectively picks up the dust and dirt from floors and other surfaces. Its lightweight and portable design is best for cleaning furniture, upholstery, frames, curtains, books, computers, cars and plenty more. It's a great choice for a quick and powerful cleaning of your home, delivering great results faster. Aside from the main vacuum cleaner, the set also includes a vacuum snout, a crevice nozzle, a small and large brush, and a permanent vacuum cleaner. Indeed, the 1000W Power Vacuum Cleaner is a great choice for a quick and powerful cleaning, delivering great results easier and quicker. For improving your home, check out the Home and Living section of Lazada to find all the stuff you need under one roof.