GlutaLipo Detox Slimming Whitening Anti-Aging Coffee... from ₱149.00 ₱599.00
✅100% ORIGINAL / BRAND NEW ✅12 in1 Slimming & Whitening ✅All Natural Ingredients ✅Manufactured in an FDA & Halal Approved Plant   🔥5 SACHETS for Milk Tea 🔥10 SACHETS the rest of the flavors — Classic: Juice, Coffee — Gold Series: Fiber Coffee, Milky Melon, Red Iced Tea, Dark Choco   𝐇𝐎𝐖 𝐆𝐋𝐔𝐓𝐀𝐋𝐈𝐏𝐎 𝐖𝐎𝐑𝐊𝐒? All 12-in-1 Glutalipo drinks are infused with organic ingredients that are proven to have health benefits. The main ones are Garcinia Cambogia combined with L-Carnitine for an effective & efficient way to burn fat. Glutathione+Collagen for the skin’s healthier and more youthful glow. These, along with the other natural ingredients, safely guarantee the following benefits: —Whitening —Slimming —Prevents Constipation —Detoxifies and Cleanses —Anti-Aging   ✅Super Affordable yet very Effective SLIMMING and WHITENING! ✅With Glutathione for Whitening, detoxification, Anti-oxidant ✅Helps improve Immune system ✅Fat blocker, boost metabolism and appetite suppressant NO Added Sugar, Artificial Colors, Artificial Flavors or Preservatives Be back in SHAPE and achieve a GLOWING WHITE SKIN with our Glutalipo   𝐏𝐑𝐎𝐃𝐔𝐂𝐓 𝐎𝐁𝐉𝐄𝐂𝐓𝐈𝐕𝐄𝐒 —To eradicate the notion of being healthy & staying healthy = disregarding life’s simple pleasures (Ex. Eating). —To make Glutalipo a part of the consumer’s daily diet as a drink that they enjoy just like the ones they are already having. —To make it known that being health-conscious can still be enjoyable and affordable instead of having to do crazier diets or spending too much in a variety of treatments.   𝐅𝐀𝐐𝐬 📣What is the recommended age? —18 years old and above 📣RESULTS? — Each individual’s bodies are different thus different results. But you will see visible results with consistent use of the product. 📣Are there side effects? —There are NO Side effects. It is safe, as it is combined with natural ingredients. The ingredients were carefully selected, to effectively and naturally reduce weight while giving you a beautiful, youthful skin. It promotes total wellbeing; it does not deteriorate it. 📣Is Glutalipo safe for Moms? — While Glutalipo drinks are proven safe & effective, we discourage Pregnant and Breastfeeding moms from taking this. Please consult your doctor first. 📣Who cannot drink Glutalipo? — Pregnant and lactating moms —Diabetic people —Persons with kidney failure 📣What is the prescribed Glutalipo dose per day? — Glutalipo is best taken 1 sachet per day preferably before bedtime so you can experience the detox effect the following day. Product takes effect in 6 -10 hours after intake. 📣How to best prepare your Glutalipo detox drink? — Juice/Milktea - Dilute 1 sachet in a glass of warm to lukewarm water, mix until powder is dissolved then add ice. — Coffee - Dilute 1 sachet in a mug of hot water, mix until powder is dissolved, add ice for iced coffee.
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Buy 2 Get 20% Off EZFit Coffee With Glutathione, Gar... ₱700.00 ₱900.00
Buy 2 Get 20% Off EZFit Coffee With Glutathione, Garcinia & Collagen (10 Sachet Per Pouch) Mag KAPE at BAWAS BlLBlL. Now it's possible! Ezfit Coffee, a Wonder Coffee can do all these for you - switch to a better coffee! GLUTA + COLLAGEN + GARCINIA CAMBOGIABENEFITS:Burn Unwanted FatsEnergy BoosterAntioxidantSkin WhiteningAnti-agingINGREDIENTS: Glutathione - Anti Cancer with Whitening and Glowing EffectCollagen - Anti Aging and improves skin elasticityMangosteen - Effective in reducing weight. Anti Cancer and reducing high blood pressure.Garcinia CambogiaFDA APPROVEDORGANICPROVEN EFFECTIVESweetened by Stevia kaya safe sa may mga diabetic#healthcare #slimming #drink #coffee #glutathione #garciniacambogia #collagen #sachet #ezfit #yeoubi #yeoubiphilippines #antiaging #whitening #energybooster #promo #sale #health     
EZfit Slimming & Whitening Coffee with Garcinia & Co... from ₱350.00 ₱310.00
SIMPLY DRINK, SIMPLY LOSE WEIGHT with EzFit Coffee! ☕️ EzFit Coffee helps one slim down and achieve a noticeably slimmer figure with the help of 5 effective weight-loss ingredients. INGREDIENTS & BENEFITS: ✅ White Kidney Bean Extract - Prevents our body from absorbing sugar in order to avoid additional calories ✅ Garcinia Cambogia Extract - An effective weight-loss extract that helps suppress our appetites by stabilizing our mood ✅ Green Tea Extract - Contains polyphenols, amino acids, and catechins that effectively helps with weight-loss by inhibiting fat synthesis and absorption, as well as by increasing the metabolism rate ✅ Green Coffee Bean Extract - Extracted from arabica coffee beans, this extract effectively regulates sugar and lipid metabolism to help achieve weight-loss ✅ L-Carnitine - Increases the rate of metabolism ✅ Glutathione - Helps whiten skin and AquaminF for added calcium benefits.   EZFIT GARCINIA PLUS COFFEE ☕️ Drink EZFIT Garcinia Plus Coffee while staying at home. Now it's possible! EZFIT Coffee, a wonder Coffee can do all these for you - switch to a better coffee!   SAY HELLO TO YOUR AMAZING TRANSFORMATION. ✔ With Probiotics that help balance the good bacteria in your digestive system and keep your gut healthy. ✔ With White Kidney Bean Extract that is rich in fiber and protein. It also reduces carb absorption and starch digestion that greatly helps in weight management. ✔ With Garcinia Cambogia, which is extracted from a tropical fruit, a famous ingredient for weight management because of its ability to suppress the appetite and trim down excess adipose tissues. ✔ With Green Tea Extract assists in weight management by burning the calories in your body and increasing your metabolism. ✔ With Green Coffee Bean Extract, another metabolism booster and an effective appetite suppressant to help maintain your weight. ✔ With L-Carnitine also increases your metabolism. ✔ With Glutathione that fights oxidative stress that causes wrinkles and hyperpigmentation. With skin-lightening and age-defying effects for glowing skin. ✔ No more food cravings and binge-eating. OTHER INGREDIENTS: Non-Dairy Creamer, Soluble Fiber, Arabica Instant Coffee Powder, Lactose, Guar gum, Coffee Flavor, Steviol Glycoside, Aquamin® F, Fish Collagen, Brown Algae Extract   FAQ: ‼How is this different from other slimming coffee? Most slimming coffee that is available in the market contains only 1-2 slimming ingredients ‼How soon can you see the effects? Each individual’s bodies are different from one another; therefore, the effects may be seen quicker for some as compared to other people. However, it is guaranteed that weight-loss can be seen with consistent use of EzFit Coffee.   ‼How do you use EzFit Coffee? Dissolve the contents of 1 sachet in 180 mL of hot water.  
Slimming Patch Fast Effective Natural Chinese Herbal... ₱99.00
Help burn the Fat - It helps to burn body fat, eliminate toxins and fat from your intestine, prevent fat absorption.Healthy and Safety - Natural plants extract, healthy and mild non-stimulating the skin.Function - losing weight, face beauty, Enhance the vitality of the intestine, improve constipation, remove acne and freckle.Easy to Use - One patches per day, Paste every evening and remove on the morning, patch directly attached to the navel, the use of time is about 8~12 hours.Great Gift for Yourself - If you have any questions, do not worry, and please contact us directly. We will give you a 100% satisfied solution and If a little pain or Lower body has the feeling of itching, this is a normal phenomenon of exclusion of toxin.USAGE:1. One piece everyday;2. Only use when sleeping at night. Do not use at daytime, because sweat will make you feel an itch. BEFORE USAGE:1. Clean your skin around the naval (Shen-que point) or Guan-yuan point with warm towel.2. Open the individual package and remove the paper covering the slim patch.3. Apply the slim Patch directly onto your navel or Guan-yuan point.4. Wear the slim patch overnight and keep in place for 8-12 hours, remove the patch after use and replace with a new patch. AFTER USAGE:1. Use warm water to clean the applying area after removing the slim Patch.2. Continue to use the slim Patch for 28 days or until a desired result is realized & For overweight individuals, please keep using for three months for the best result. ATTENTION:1. Each one use for 8 hours is better.2. Pasting place skin damaged, pregnancy, and cesarean postpartum within 3 months are all disable to use.3. Sensitive skin is disabled. If you have skin allergies, please use skin lotion or cream before pasting, in order to prevent the sensitive.4. Period is not recommended to use.
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DR.VITA Garcinia Cambogia - Burns Fats Faster! ₱257.00 ₱690.00
DR.VITA Garcinia Cambogia No. 1 fat Burner Lose weight without diet and exercise SUPER EFFECTIVE   BENEFITS: Improves Metabolism Weight Loss Burn fats Block fats Suppresses Appetite Lowers Cholesterol Regulates Blood Sugar Prevent diabetes Elevates moods Garcinia Cambogia – Dr. Vita Garcinia Cambogia contains 50% high concentration of HCA (Hydroxycitric Acid). It has two ways to promote weight loss: First, it suppresses your appetite by increasing serotonin levels. Increased serotonin level results to increased satiety. Second, HCA works by inhibiting the enzyme (citrate liase) which converts calories into fat. As a result, the body will burn existing fat stores, thus aiding in weight loss. It also may help lower LDL or ""bad"" cholesterol. It also promotes intestinal detoxification by improving fat metabolism. Probiotics – helps to improve the absorption of Garcinia Cambogia in our body by improving the good bacteria in our digestive system and flushing out toxins in our body. More amount of Garcinia Cambogia is being absorbed thus, increasing its effectivity. 86 Kinds of Fruit and Vegetable Enzymes – has high amount of fiber, thus improving bowel movement. B-Vitamins - help calorie metabolism and prevent body fat accumulation. Calcium Citrate - helps reduce weight and fat gain or enhance loss.    
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EZFit Slimming Capsule w/ Garcinia Cambogia (30 Caps... ₱990.00 ₱3,568.00
EZFit Slimming Capsule 550 mg x 30 capsulesNEW and TREADING product of Taiwan is now in the Philippines, EZFIT with Garcinia Cambogia. Garcinia Cambogia has become well known across the world in recent years for its health benefits:✅ Reduce stress✅ Fight depression✅ Lower cholesterol✅ Boost energy levels✅ Regulate blood sugar✅ Increase metabolism✅ Promotes weight loss MALAKI TIYAN? MALAKI ANG BRASO? HINDI MAKA DUMI? HINDI MA CONTROL ANG KAIN? Try EZFIT GARCINIA CAMBOGIA Lipo in a Cap!✔️ Dahil ito ay nakakaregular ng pagdumi.✔️ Nakakatulong ito lumiit ang tyan.✔️ Mabawasan ang sobrang timbang.✔️ Lessen your cravings✔️ Nakakatulong sa mga bloated.✔️ Nakakabawas ng Bilbil.✔️ Nai-improved nito ang Immune System.✔️ Boost serotonin levels - elevate mood and happiness plus energy✔️ Pinapabilis ang Metabolismo✔️ Improves digestion✔️ Its All Organic and Natural💕 100 % Safe 💕 No EXERClSE 💕 No DlET 💕 FDA APPROVEDWHAT TO REMEMBER WHEN TAKING EZFIT? - It is very important to drink a lot of water. This will help you avoid constipation, drying of the mouth and bad breath. - Avoid skipping meals. Eating in moderation even when not hungry is advised. - Avoid drinking alcohol.- Avoid smoking cigaretteARE THERE ANY HARMFUL EFFECTS? There are no harmful or negative side effects. No one has ever reported any nausea, diarrhea or heart palpitations.HOW LONG WOULD IT TAKE TO SEE INITIAL RESULTS WITH EZFIT? Results vary from individual to individual. According to several of our clients who have used the product, they reported losing 2 to 8 pounds in a week.Just try it to believe it. 😉   Glow Up Soap ✅ Refining ✅ Anti-aging ✅ Anti-bacterial ✅ Sun protection ✅ Controls oil and acne ✅ Whitens skin naturally ✅ Promotes youthful skin ✅ Hydrates & Moisturizes ✅ Softens and smoothens skin ✅ Reduce scars and skin discoloration ✅ Has anti-inflammatory properties that help shield skin against irritants
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Sante Fit N' Trim (7 gms x 10 sachets) ₱680.00 ₱1,496.00
Remember your favorite Green Tea Lemon with L-Carnitine drink? Now, on a NEW and IMPROVED look for a NEW and IMPROVED YOU!FITnTRIM™ is weight-management drink with Santé’s signature organic barley grass powder from New Zealand, green tea and a zest of lemon flavour, altogether mixed with L-Carnitine which aids in increasing your metabolism, triggering reduction of body fat and bringing you many steps further towards your weight goal!IT’S TIME FOR A TRIM! IT’S TIME FOR FITN’TRIM!
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[2+1 Promo] Dr. Vita Carica Papaya with Royal Jelly ... ₱1,199.00 ₱2,400.00
Dr. Vita Carica Papaya with Royal Jelly and Zinc ✅ Rich in breast enhancement hormones ✅ Helps the appearance of the formed breast tissue ✅ Enhance the shape, size, and firmness of your breasts   DOSAGE & INSTRUCTION: ✅ You can take 1 or 2capsules of Dr. Vita Carica everyday. (maximum up to 4 capsules only) ✅ It can be the in the morning or evening, before or after meal.   INGREDIENTS: ✅ Carica Papaya ✅ Royal Jelly ✅ Sodium Ascorbate ✅ Zinc Gluconate ✅ Ferrous Gluconate   BENEFITS: ✅ Dr. Vita Carica Papaya helps in increasing the bust size and maintains healthy breast. ✅ Carica papaya: Papaya enzymes are rich in breast enhancement hormones and nutrients such as Vitamin A. It can stimulate the secretion of female hormone, estrogen, which causes breast enhancement  ✅ Royal Jelly: It can stimulate the secretion of female hormone, estrogen, which causes breast enhancement. ✅ Sodium Ascorbate: Can promote the absorption of collagen, maintaining the size of the breast. ✅ Zinc Gluconate: for breast enlargement, can stimulate hormone secretion. ✅ Ferrous Gluconate: helps the tone and appearance of the formed breast tissue.   WHO CAN TAKE THIS? : ✅ It can be used by 18 years old and above   I AM PREGNANT/LACTATING, CAN i TAKE THIS? : ✅ Though this product is safe and made of natural ingredients, it is better to consult the doctor first if you are lactating or pregnant.   I HAVE A CYST IN MY BREAST, CAN I TAKE THIS?: ✅ Though this product is safe and made from natural resources, it is important to consult our doctor first if we have certain conditions.   CAN I TAKE THIS TOGETHER WITH MY MEDICATIONS? : ✅ This product is safe and made of natural ingredients so you could still use this product 2 hours after taking in the medicine.   HOW FAST UNTIL I SEE RESULTS? ✅ The effect on this product depends on the body type of the consumer. The usual will be, at the first month of using the Dr. Vita Carica, you will start to notice that the breasts increase in size. And also, this product is not just for breast enhancement but also to maintain a healthy breast.  
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NourLite Food Supplement 325mg (100 capsules) ₱2,250.00 ₱3,599.00
☆NOURLITE Food Supplement (100capsules) 325 mg/capsule   ✅ With L-Carnitine, Green tea Extract and Seaweed Extract ✅ Cures gallstones, kidney stones, bumps ✅ MANY HEALTHY BENEFITS for the body, PREVENTION FOR DISEASES ✅ Prevents dizziness upon standing up (Orthostatic Hypotension) for older people. ✅ Prevents bladder, esophageal, ovarian and pancreatic cancer. ✅ Reduces the onset of Parkinson's Disease ✅ Regulates blood pressure. ✅ Decreases high levels of Fat like cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood (hyperlipidemia). ✅ Reduces abnormal development ang growth cells of the cervix (Cervical Dysplasia) caused by HUMAN PAPILLOMA VIRUS infection. ✅ Has more than 50 minerals and trace elements as well as Iodine, which are essential to regulate the Thyroid Gland.
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Glow Advance White (60 Caps) (L-Glutathione + Vitamins) ₱1,299.00 ₱2,500.00
L-Glutathione + Vitamins 60 Caps 1000mg per caps   BENEFITS OF GLOW - For Skin Lightening & Beautification - Improved Immune Function in the Body - Improved Energy Levels & Mental Focus - Improved Physical Strength & Muscle Function - Promotes Liver Detoxification - Fights Oxidative Stress - Eliminates Free Radicals & Toxins - Antioxidant Product could Help Prevent Cancer  
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Buy 2 Dr. Vita Lutein + FREE Dr. Vita Sano C ₱1,379.00 ₱2,999.00
✨Dr. Vita Lutein✨ 30 capsules per bottle. Good for one month. 500mg per capsule   ✅ Ensures that our eyes have protection both day and night. This just not protect and improve eyesight; with Beta Carotene and Vitamin E it also helps to prevent visual fatigue and strengthen the blood vessels and eye nerves for improved blood circulation through the eyes to maintain adequate eye health and vision.   INGREDIENTS & BENEFITS: ✅ Marigold (source of Lutein): Daytime eye protection: an important antioxidant in the human eye, the main function of which is to filter from the eyes the harmful light (Blue Light), and protect the eye tissue from free radicals damage. ✅ Black currant: It is an excellent source of antioxidants that inhibits age-related macular degeneration and prevents pseudo-myopia. Blackcurrant is very helpful in maintaining eye health and good vision. ✅ Cinnamomum cassia: It can strengthen blood vessels for improved blood circulation through the eyes to maintain adequate eye health. ✅ Beta-carotene: It is an important component of photoreceptor cells of the eyes that helps improve eyesight at night- preventing night blindness. ✅ Vitamin A: Help protect eyes from strong light and cope with light sensitivity or photophobia. ✅ Sodium Ascorbate: helps the body form and maintain connective tissue, including collagen found in the cornea of the eye. ✅ Vitamin E: helps reduce the risk of age-related macular degeneration ✅ Zinc Gluconate: helps to absorb Vit A; shown to protect against macular degeneration and night blindness.   HOW TO USE: It is best to follow up 1 capsule in the morning and 1 capsule in the evening for maintenance. For enhancement, 2 capsules may be taken in the morning and 2 capsules in the evening.   BEST TIME TO TAKE FOOD SUPPLEMENTS: Whether before or after meal, the effect will still be the same. However, if you are slightly acidic or often experiencing stomach discomfort, we suggest to take it 30 minutes to 1 hour after meal.   RECOMMENDED DOSAGE INTAKE: 1 to 4 capsules daily.     ✨Dr. Vita Sano C✨ ✅ Non-acidic ✅ Dr. Vita Sano C ✅ FDA & HALAL APPROVED ✅ Contains 100 capsules per bottle ✅ Total of 500mg with other ingredients ✅ 100 mg of Sodium Ascorbate per capsule.   Vitamin C is an essential nutrient for healthy immune system response. It's a powerful antioxidant property to help protect certain white blood cells from the toxic compounds they produce in their fight against pathogens.   BENEFITS: ✅ Eliminates free radicals ✅ Lowers Blood Pressure ✅ Improves immune functions ✅ Enhances nutrient absorption ✅ Relieves Constipation Reducing Cholesterol   INGREDIENTS: Sodium ascorbate, Acerola, Bergamot, Patented Fibersol-2, Probiotics   HOW TO TAKE: ✅ Take 1-2 capsules daily. (Maximum of 4 caps per day) ✅ You can take 2 caps in the morning, 2 caps in the evening.  
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Perfect Skin Perfect Slim Detox ₱180.00 ₱396.00
PERFECT SLIM DETOX in melon berries Gusto mo ba ang sexy na body? Ikaw ba ay mataba na gustong maachive Sexy body ? . Sbi nga nila Sexy body goals dba? Sis, mamshies ? Eto na yun si Perfect Slim Detox na hinahanap nyo.Lakas makaslim, DI KA LANG SESEXY, PUPUTI KARIN KASI MAY COLLAGEN SI perfect slim ! Kahit di ko pa natitikman feeling ko ansasarap neto supeerrrrr. Naeexcite na nga ako ehhh !.SRP 180 with 7 sachets. Loose 2-5kg in just 7 days! ✔️ Pack with Antioxidants✔️ Lower Cholesterol✔️ Lower Blood Pressure✔️ Reduce Wrinkles✔️ Great for the heart✔️ AntiCancer✔️ Excellent for weight loss✔️ Appetite Suppressant✔️ Has glutathione for skin whitening ✔️ Helps in weight loss✔️ Helps in lowering blood sugar & cholesterol ✔️ Prevents Acid reflux✔️ Relieves constipation ✔️ Promotes stronger immune system ✔️ Improves mental alertness✔️ Produces collagen that maintains healthy skin, nails & hair✔️ Reduces the risk of heart disease      
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1 GoFit Barley Capsule + 1 Free Shape Up Coffee ₱999.00 ₱2,100.00
GO FIT BARLEY AND PROBIOTICSA food supplement that is made of pure organic young barley grass fused with probiotics.Ingredients:Barley Leaves PowderProbioticsBenefits:Fiber boostHelps lower cholesterol levelHelps balance stomach bacteriaHelps lower blood sugar levelGives Vitamin A, Vitamin B1, B2, B3, B6, B9, Vitamin C, E and KSHAPE UP COFFEE- Increases metabolism- Speed-up weight loss- Helps in stimulating smooth digestion- Lowers risk of cancer- Enhance cell function- Helps control blood pressure- Good remedy for diabetes- Increase energy- Fights free radicals and toxins through Cleansing- Suppresses appetite and reduces cravings- Efficient way to achieve ideal weight- Increase Fluid IntakePowerful INGREDIENTS:1.) Garcinia Cambogia2.) Green Tea Extract3.) L-Carnitine4.) Mangosteen ( Healthy Herb)5.) Stevia6.) Coffee7.) Non- Dairy Cream  
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Likha Slimming Coffee Mix with Green Tea, Gingko Bil... ₱449.00 ₱680.00
Likha Coffee Mix with Chia Seeds is a unique tasting coffee mix blended with Super Citrimax, a unique patented extract of Garcinia Cambogia which is clinically proven to decrease appetite, burn fat, and reduce body weight.   Super Citrimax, clinically proven to decrease appetite, reduce caloric intake by 25%, burn fat, and reduce body weight three-times greater than diet and exercise alone. Super CitriMax® consists of standardized levels of (–)- hydroxycitric acid (HCA), an organic acid similar to the citric acid found in citrus fruits, but with remarkably different properties. HCA has been clinically shown to curb appetite, reduce food intake, burn fat, and inhibit fat synthesis.   ✅  Chia Seeds – Chia seeds have plenty of fiber. Nearly all of the carbohydrates in chia seeds is fiber, which the body doesn’t absorb. One tablespoon of chia seeds has 5 grams of fiber (versus .2 grams in the same amount of brown rice), which makes up about 20% of the recommended daily intake. Fiber is very good for your digestive system. And because chia seeds absorb water, they can expand in your stomach, possibly making you feel fuller. ✅  Contains a variety of herbal supplements like Ginkgo Biloba, ginseng, and green tea that contains health benefits ✅  Appetite Suppressant & Weight lost supplement ✅  Rich in anti-oxidants & Boosts fiber intake ✅  Lowers Blood Sugar, Packed with Anti-oxidant & Improves Heart Circulation ✅  Boost Energy, Sharpens Cognitive Function, Diabetic Friendly, Low Acid Coffee    DIRECTIONS: 1. Empty one (1) sachet into a cup 2. Enjoy your coffee any time of the day by pouring 180mL, hot water (not boiling) 3. Stir until contents are completely dissolved. Serve and enjoy! 4. Consume two (2) sachets per day.   Precaution: For adult use only. Not recommended for children, pregnant, and lactating women.  
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Dr. Vita Q10 with Nattokinase & Vitamin E (30caps Pe... ₱689.00 ₱890.00
DR. VITA Q10 WITH NATTOKINASE AND VITAMIN E   ✅ Our heart requires large amounts of CoQ10 to produce energy every day. And as we age, the amount of CoQ10 naturally produced by your body, as well as your overall levels, will diminish by as much as 65%. Dr. Vita Q10 with Nattokinase and Vitamin E will supplement the lack of CoQ10 intake of the elderly.   ✅ CoQ10 or Coenzyme Q10 - is an antioxidant present in our body and keep the mitochondria healthy. Mitochondria supply the energy needed for respiration, digestion, cardiac contraction, and muscle movement of the body.   ✅ Nattokinase - Edible Natto has a history of more than 2,000 years. It is a traditional fermented food produced by adding Bacillus subtilis to boiled soybeans. It has a sticky appearance with unique and rich flavor. Natto is a health food in Japan that existed for a long time now. People with stroke, myocardial infarction, and angina are regularly supplemented with Natto for healthier blood vessels and to help reduce bad cholesterol.   ✅ Sodium Ascorbate – helps to reduce blood pressure and reduce heart disease risk.   ✅ Vitamin E – lowers the risk of coronary heart disease.E. Vitamin D – helps to repair damage to the heart and blood vessels caused by high blood pressure.   ✅ Calcium Citrate – helps to lower risk of heart disease.   ✅ RECOMMENDED DAILY DOSAGE: 1- 4 Capsules per day   ✅ WHO CAN TAKE THIS? It can be used by 18 years old and above   ✅ I AM PREGNANT/LACTATING, CAN i TAKE THIS? Though this product is safe and made of natural ingredients, it is better to consult the doctor first if you are lactating or pregnant.   ✅ CAN I TAKE THIS TOGETHER WITH MY MEDICATIONS? This product is safe and made of natural ingredients so you could still use this product 2 hours after taking in the medicine.