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NourSkin All-Purpose Protection and Disinfection ₱169.00 ₱295.00
NOURSKIN newest productsALL PURPOSE (Protection and Disinfection)✅ Air Disinfectant, purifier & freshener✅ Odor Eliminator✅ Skin and fabric friendly✅ Body sanitizer from head to foot ✅ Sanitize on all surfaces ✅ Non-corrosive✅ Non-toxic✅ Non-flammable✅ Kill 99.99% of Germs, Viruses and Pathogenic microbes.
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NourSkin Contra Virus Solution (60ml) ₱65.00 ₱199.00
NOURSKIN CONTRA-VIRUS SOLUTIONSize: 60mlAre you looking for a handy disinfectant or sanitizer? Try our unique product with stabilized CIO2! We are using stabilized CIO2 because it disinfects more than an alcohol and works more than a sanitizer.BENEFITS: It won't dry your skinKills germs and viruses in seconds!Disinfects more than a SanitizerNon-irritatingNon-flammableWHY CIO2:As a solution, it is a powerful anti-bacterial against harmful microbes, fungicide.Eliminates dreaded diseases causing pathogens/viruses.Effective as disinfectant and eliminates source and transfer of infectious agents.ACTIVE INGREDIENTS:Stabilized CIO2Aloe Vera ExtractLemon Grass ExtractDIRECTIONS:Dispense a small amount on palmsRub lightly until dryDo not Rinse#nourskin #personalcare #covid19 #coronavirussolution #germkiller #disinfectant #viruskiller #sanitizer    
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NourSkin Disinfectant (The Ultimate Antimicrobial Pr... ₱169.00 ₱295.00
Size: 500 mlType: LiquidNon-toxicKills 99.99% Pathogenic MicroorganismsMaintains the freshness of Fruits and VegetablesFree from harmful pathogenic microorganisms, fungicide, bacteria & virusesPowerful anti-bacterial against harmful microbesEliminates dreaded disease-causing pathogensEffective as disinfectant and eliminates sources and transfers of infectious agents.INGREDIENTS:Deionized H20, Stabilized Cl02, Citric AcidDIRECTIONS:Shake and refill NS Disinfectant Ultimate Antimicrobial Product to spray bottle and spray directly to fresh fruits and vegetables. Set aside for 10 minutes. Wash thoroughly with clean water.#nourskin #homeproduct #disinfectant #disinfection #protection #antibacterial #germkiller #viruskiller #nontoxic   
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Poysian Pim-Saen Balm Oil Roll-on 5ml (Relief headac... ₱79.00 ₱140.00
Number 1 brand in Thailand Eucalyptus oil roll on typePoy Sian Pim Saen Balm Oil is one of the most popular inhalers from Thailand.REMEDY FOR:FluColdVertigoHeadacheDizzinessNasal CongestionMotion SicknessNauseaLoosenessTensionEasy to carry and lightweight roll-onEffective and soothing for insect bitesHelp feeling sleepy & make you freshness.Clear your airways & clean your breathiness.Each (5 cc.) contains with following active ingredients:Pim-Saen 30.34%Menthol 67.41%Eucalyptus oil 8.5%Camphor 2.25%DIRECTIONS:1. Take a breathe with Poy-sian as needed.2. Apply to the affected area as needed 3-4 times a day.Expiry: March 2023EXTERNAL USE ONLY. DO NOT EAT. AVOID CONTACT WITH EYES & OPEN WOUNDS.#nasalcare #medicalsupplies #health #relaxation #original #authentic #thailand #poysianrollon #Poysianbalmoil #rollonoil #painrelief  
NourSkin Liniment Oil (120ml/60ml) from ₱149.00 ₱450.00
✅ Deep Heating stimulant✅ Insect repellent and cure insect bites✅ Relieves muscle pain✅ Relieves chronic pain (Neck pain, lower back pain, and sprain)✅ Stimulate blood circulation✅ Soothes joint pains, rheumatism and arthritis✅ Relieves Cluster Headache✅ Relieves stiff shoulder#Liniment#Haplas#Ointment#LinimentOil#Nourskin#Panghilot#Pangmasahe#Masahe #Hilot#personalcare #painrelief  
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Tiger Balm Inhaler ₱49.00 ₱100.00
2 in 1 Tiger Balm Inhaler + Medicated Oil Relief Nasal Congestion Cold Indications: For relieve nasal congestion caused of colds.Helps to feel refreshed, relaxedRelieve dizzinessRelieve car sickness, nausea and vomitingRelieve itching due to insect bitesHow to Use: 1. Use to inhale deep breath to inhale the vapor from the top of inhaled tube.2. Use to apply or rub with a thin layer of the medicated oil from the bottom of the tube on to neck and chest then inhale the vapors.  
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Poysian 2 in 1 Inhaler (1pc) ₱49.00 ₱77.00
MADE IN THAILANDPoy Sian's Inhaler helps clear a blocked nose. It gives fast, natural relief and helps make it easier to breathe freely. In a handy personal pocket pack. HEALTH BENEFITS:✅ Helps clear blocked nose due to colds, flu, hay fever or sinusitis.✅ Helps make it easier to breathe freely.✅ Fast, natural relief anytime.✅ Includes effective essential oils of eucalyptus, peppermint and mentol.✅ Handy personal pocket and purse pack.Indications:✅ For the relief of mucus congestion from the nasal passages.✅ Relief of nasal congestion from colds, influenza, hay fever and sinusitis.✅ Helps clear a stuffy, blocked or running nose.✅ Makes it easier to breathe freely.✅ Relief of symptoms of colds.✅ Effective for relief of inflammation due to insect bites.#inhaler #poysian #thailand #nasalcare #medicalsupplies #firstaidsupplies #health  
Meiyi Healing Balm & Pain Relief Rub by Creations Sp... from ₱109.00 ₱299.00
⚠️UNDERPRICED products are FAKE ❌ PLS READ DESCRIPTION BEFORE ORDERING❌ 👉 100% ORIGINAL/AUTHENTIC PRODUCTS GUARANTEED 👉 EXPIRY: 50g - 2023 and 10g - 2022   MEIYI HEALING BALM is an effective and nourishing balm made with Virgin Coconut Oil, Chili Extract, Ginger Extract and Beeswax. Blended with essential oil and natural active ingredients. Make this as an additional to your first aid kit. Helps relieve minor pain, headache, muscle strain , neck and shoulder, stiffness, sprain, colds, insect Bite, and skin itch.   SCENTS: 💛  Calming (Yellow) 💚  Relaxing (Light Green) ❤️  Uplifting/ Rozine (Pink) 💙  Invigo/ Azulene (Light Blue)   PAIN RELIEF RUB by Creations Spa Essentials – These non-greasy and deep penetrating rubs provide fast acting relief for muscle and joint pain. Their relaxing natural aroma likewise help relieve tension.   AVAILABLE SCENTS: 🧡  Energy/ Zest (Orange) 💛  Ginger and Tea/ Lemonin (Yellow) 💚  Oliva Organica/ Verdelin (Green) 💜  Sleep/ Purplene (Violet)   BENEFITS: ✅ Relaxing Aroma ✅ Itchiness ✅ Insect Bites ✅ Colds ✅ Headaches ✅ Dizziness ✅ Sprains ✅ Relieve from Muscle Pain ✅ Relieve from Nasal Congestion ✅ Stress Reliever ✅ Induce Sleep ✅ Ease Depression ✅ Increase Circulation   DIRECTION FOR USE: Rub or Massage on body or inhale as desired.   NOTE: Probability of melting has increased with the rise in temperature nowadays. Please chat with us if you receive melted or deformed rubs so we can advise you remedies that do not compromise the efficacy of the product.   ⚠️WARRANTIES & LIMITATIONS⚠️ The main ingredient of this product is beeswax, it may melt in the course of shipping. However, melting will not impact on the efficacy of the product. We keep our inventory in a suitable location, following the required temperature and other handling specifications of the manufacturer. Rest assured that your orders are not melted when pack. Please note that melting (or deformation due to melting, i.e., uneven surface, etc.) is not an acceptable reason for request for return or refund as we do not have control over the handling of the parcels once picked up by the courier. Please also note that color and strength of the scent may vary per manufacturing batch, especially for ORANGE and LAVENDER. This doesn’t impact on the products' efficacy and is therefore not an acceptable reason for return or refund.    
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Heng De Face Shield ₱29.00 ₱40.00
When it comes to protection, the face mask alone cannot get the job done. Now you have that extra shield with the high tech, careful design visor to complete your protection against the pollution in the outside world. BENEFITS: Anti - spray Anti - fogging Anti - smoke Oil splash proof Anti - exhaust Windproof sand Plug out the plug on the both side of the len's leg. Follow the direction of the arrow, the hole of the lens coincides with the hole of the frame Insert the buckle firmly into the frame, the same on the other side. The installation is complete.  PRODUCT INFORMATION: Anti-oil coating design of lenses to maintain clarity and let your vision clear every moment. Unique design make it suitable for both men and women to wear, and even suitable for those people wearing glasses. Simple and practical design, easy to use and clean. Can effectively prevent hot oil from splashing on face and eyes and hurt your skin while cooking. It can be used as an outdoor protective mask. Put on your mask and this face cover, double protection, effectively isolate dust bacteria. NEED SOME PROTECTION? BUY IT NOW!!