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Charm Sqin Glutathione plus Collagen with Vitamin E,... ₱299.00 ₱599.00
Charm Sqin Glutathione + Collagen is more than just your beauty partner!It has Sodium Ascorbate (Vitamin C), Vitamin E, and Lalmin® which is rich in Vitamin B1, B2, B5, B6, B7, B9, B12!Not just keeping your skin to its beautiful potential but also nourishes your body needs! Glutathione - lightens the skin and helps detoxifies the body.Collagen - improve skin elasticity, reduces wrinkles, and increases blood flow.Aside from the combined power of Glutathione and Collagen, our Charm Sqin Supplement is also packed with Vitamin E for antioxidants, Vitamin B for a healthy new skin, and Vitamin C for skin protection, with the all-natural Acai Berry and Blackcurrant which are well known for their anti-aging effect!Unlike other whitening brands, Charm Sqin Glutathione + Collagen is more powerful in giving you not only the complexion you desire but also the nourishment your skin needs to stay that way!With the combination of Glutathione for whitening and Collagen for skin structure, you are ensured that real beauty will last from within!Feel the difference with Charm Sqin! INTAKE:1 - 2 Capsules per day.Take the capsule 1 hour after any meal.  
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Reijin Skin Care Serum (Gives more radiant skin, and... ₱799.00 ₱1,700.00
REIJIN SKIN CARE SERUM has the advantage of Microcrystal Coating Technology that penetrates deeply into the deepest layer of the skin   REIJIN SKIN CARE SERUM BENEFITS Reijin Skin Care Serum can minimize appearance of darks spots, gives more radiant skin, and even skin tones. This product can also 1. Help the skin retain moisture to avoid drying 2. Act as a humectant to the skin 3. Protect the skin from UV Damage 4. Prevent skin from aging 5. Help heal acne problems 6. Fade discoloration and reduce the appearance of acne scars 7. Moisturize & maintain water-oil balance