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Hyssop Mineral Drops 15ml | Eye Care | High Grade Mi... ₱499.00 ₱1,147.00
⚠️ Beware of Underpriced/Fake Hyssop Products. ⚠️ Buy only from Authorized Distributors FDA FR# 3000003757263 EXPIRY: 2023 THE MULTIPURPOSE DROPS FOR VARIOUS NEEDS! Hyssop Mineral Drops is a supplement that can also be taken orally! These mineral drops provide multiple mineral essentials when consumed. It helps refresh the user and regain focus when they feel their senses dull; perfect for those who spend their time sitting in front of the computer all day, and for those who are exposed to loud noises for prolonged periods! BENEFITS: — Provides almost all minerals that you need in your body — Contains 16+ High Grade Minerals — Mineralize your drink with a few drops of Hyssop Mineral Drops 🔥 HOW TO USE? 1. Magpatak ng 1-2 drops atleast 2 to 3x per day (specially at night bago matulog) 2. Pagka patak ipikit ang mata for 1 minute 🔥 ILANG TAON PWEDE GUMAMIT NITO? It is recommended for 7 years old and above (for younger than 7 years old, parent's decision) pero since all natural naman po ang sangkap, wala pong side effect. PARA SA MAY MGA: ✅ Pterygium (parang pugita sa mata) ✅ Glaucoma ✅ Retinal Disorders ✅ Macular Degeneration ✅ Diabetic Retinopathy ✅ Conjunctivitis ✅ Sore eyes ✅ Cataract ✅ Itchiness ✅ Floaters ✅ Red eyes due to itchiness ✅ Nanlalabong mata dahil sa madalas na pag upo sa computer 🔥 WHAT MAKES HYSSOP MINERAL DROPS EFFECTIVE? Hyssop mineral drops contains enough amount of ingredients that the eye need. 🔥 WHAT IS HYSSOP EYE DROPS? its a water base eye care compose of pure high grade organic minerals and distilled water. It contains quick-acting Alkaline and natural high grade minerals substances, you only need a few drops to relieve your eye problems. Water base po ito kaya hindi mahapdi sa mata. It is composed of: High-grade minerals such as: ✅ Manganese ✅ Zinc ✅ Calcium ✅ Potassium ✅ Magnesium ✅ Sodium
Hyssop Oil of Life Essential Oil (50ml/100ml) from ₱1,100.00 ₱4,200.00
⚠️Beware of Underpriced/Fake Hyssop Products. ⚠️Buy only from Authorized Distributors   What can Hyssop Oil of Life do that the common brand can't? ✅ Relief on the go without the burn: We all carry that one essential when we travel around either for business or leisure, and that’s a small bottle of efficascent oil. Hyssop Oil of Life ay tinaguriang "Botika sa Botelya" 100ml ✅ It’s to provide relief without the after burning sensation! Hyssop Oil of life is the flagship of the Hyssop family products; it provides relief from headaches, body pain, stiff arms and joints, all without the sting! It’s the perfect instant solution for absolute relief wherever you are!   HEALTH BENEFITS: — Leaves a refreshing after feel rather than a stinging sensation — Quickly relieves of body pain after application — Good for all body pains — Good for arthritis, headache, wounds, burns, stiff neck — Good for skin rashes, tumor, inflammation and cramps — Improves blood circulation and lymphatic vessels — Prevents depression and anxiety   HYSSOP Oil of Life ay isang mineralized organic oil na merong major trace minerals gaya ng sodium, pottasium, calcium, magnessium at zinc na importante sa pagpapanatili ng malusog at balanse na katawan.   It is composed of Mineral Oil & High-grade minerals such as: Manganese, Zinc, Calcium, Potassium, Magnesium   🔥 HOW TO USE? — For Topical Use just apply and spread to the affected area & slightly massage. Use regularly day and night or as needed. — For Intake use, Take 1 teaspoon of Hyssop Oil 3-4x per day sublingually (ilalim ng dila).   🔥 IS THIS EFFECTIVE? — Yes it is very effective, this popular product has been used by thousands of people already and there are tons of testimonials already the gives a proof that this is effective.   Please keep in mind that each person is different that's why results may very from person to person depending on various factors.