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How I Made My 1st Million by Chinkee Tan (Through di... ₱399.00 ₱500.00
Whether you are a student, a long-time employee, a newbie in direct-selling, or you just happened to pick up this book, if you are still holding on to some kind of hope that you can achieve your wildest dreams in your lifetime and make your first million in direct selling, this book is for you!What if there was a book that gave you the opportunity to earn a million pesos? Will you grab the chance or will you let it pass you by? The choice is in your hands.Highly regarded businessman-turned-wealth-coach, Chinkee Tan, has more than a decade’s worth of business experience under his belt. Chinkee Tan has helped fifty Filipinos earn their first million and YOU can be the next one.THIS BOOK WAS WRITTEN TO HELP YOU MAKE YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE AND SHOW YOU HOW TO:• Master the In's and Out's of direct selling before you start the business• Understand the secret sales techniques of a professional direct seller• Overcome the fear of selling, rejection and failure• Discover breakthrough sales techniques of a professional direct seller• Learn from the mistakes of others and avoid the pitfalls of a starter• Build your confidence and focus to win in your direct selling business• Experience the powerful principles of attitude, focus, goal setting and vision• Create a focused and empowered downline through effective training and leadership Chinkee Tan is a well known Filipino motivational speaker. He specializes in topics concerning wealth and life such as financial management, relationships inside and outside home and personal development to name a few. He has helped a lot of individuals, married couples, families and even companies as he continues to share his passion, thus, being one the famous motivational speakers in the Philippines. To this day, he continues to inspire thousands of people through his books, free business seminars in the Philippines, social media and being invited to be a motivational corporate speaker to different organizations.
You're Weird by Bo Sanchez ₱349.00
Are you nasty to yourself?  So many people today don't like themselves. They're ashamed of many parts of their life. And they're actually very nasty to themselves. They neglect their own needs  they're addicted to toxic stress every day (which is slow suicide)  they don't respect their limits  and they stay forever in poisonous relationships.  In this life-changing book  bestselling author and spiritual leader Bo Sanchez offers the solution: To give yourself permission to be you. To embrace your past  your pains  your personality  and your purpose. Through this book  you'll learn tp relax more love yourself more  and find your place in the world.  
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The Millennial's Guide to Kick$tarting a Business ₱349.00 ₱399.00
PaperbackPages: 164Publisher: Shepherd's Voice Publications, Inc. (2016)Edition: 1Language: EnglishISBN-13: 9789710071814So you want to start a business? But how do you begin?How do you make the vision and purpose of your business clear? The book you’re holding right now is exactly what you need to kick-start your business idea. It will help you create the blueprint for your dream business using simple tools called the Business Model Canvas Business Model You and the Value Proposition Canvas. They sound complicated but the author will guide you every step of the way. “Plans fail for lack of counsel but with many advisers they succeed” (Proverbs15:22). You will find various business models and examples in this book that will inspire you as you create your own. Your business idea may be good but it may fail if you don’t plan it well. A sound business model that incorporates best practices can help your business avoid failure. It all begins here. Did we mention that it’s a two-in-one book? A workbook is also included to give you plenty of space to dream and strategize. Use it to brainstorm solutions to a problem jump-start a new business or strengthen an existing one. We want your business to succeed. It’s time to put flesh to your idea with careful planning. Sow the seed and act on your idea as you go through the book one chapter at a time. Are you ready to give your dream business a good beginning? Let’s kick-start your business today!Order today, ship tomorrow via Black Arrow or LBC. Cut-off every 2pm.#larrygamboa #bosanchez #selfhelp #books #freeshipping #freeshippingshopee #bestselling #business #millenials #guide #financing #investing #kickstarter #workbook #wealth #kickstarter  
The Gratitude Habit by Hazel Atencio ₱225.00
** NEW BOOK!!! **PaperbackPublisher: Shepherd's Voice Publication, Inc.Edition: 1Language: EnglishISBN:9786219582957HOW TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE BY SAYING THANK YOU EVERY DAY!Do you want more from your life?More happiness? Deeper relationships? Better health?Increased productivity?Do you want to upgrade yourself?Boost your self-esteem? Enhance mindfulness?Develop a positive mindset?What if I told you that just one thing can help you in all of those areas?Great changes are made through tiny steps.Do this daily and you will experience a radical shift in your life for the better.Begin with gratitude and watch the miracles and abundance flow your way.#bosanchez #hazelatencio #selfhelp #inspiration #inspirational #books #affordable #feast #freeshipping    
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Raising Heirs by Eleanore Lee Teo | Foreword by Bo S... ₱350.00 ₱399.00
DIRECT DISTRIBUTOR of The Feast booksBRAND NEW & PAPERBACKCLASS A ARE FAKE PRODUCTS!Pages: 124Language: EnglishPublisher: Shepherd's Voice Publications, Inc.ISBN: 978-971-007-210-1Dimensions (cm): 18 x 13 x 1Weight (kg): 0.15Raising Heirs of the Spoiled and Entitled 2nd Generation- And Why We're Still Your Only HopeHow do you raise a selfless generation in a self-entitled world?* The FIRST Generation makes the money.* The SECOND Generation spends it.* By the THIRD Generation, there’s nothing left.It’s the same classic story that we’ve heard before and we can’t help but ask — why do many accomplished entrepreneurs find it easier to build a business than to raise their children to become independently successful?This book is for those wondering why their children are lazy and reckless with their money. This is for the children who wonder why they’re being labeled as lazy and self-indulgent. And this is for those who are close to success and have the time to prepare their children for what’s to come.The solution lies in your hands. The best part about it is that it won’t cost you a fortune.  
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Love Life by George Gabriel (Embrace the person, the... ₱99.00 ₱224.00
Many of us wake up unexcited to live our day. Oftentimes we get caught up in life’s problems demands and distractions forgetting to savor the moment to feel the breeze to look into the eyes of our loved ones. Love Life brings a fresh perspective to everyday living.LOVE LIFEEmbrace the person, the experience, the momentFrom the editor of FiSH, two-time awardee for best youth magazine at the Catholic Mass Media AwardsGEORGE GABRIELForeword by Bo Sanchez  
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Live Life by George Gabriel (Learn valuable secrets ... ₱170.00 ₱249.00
Are you living or merely existing? Do you take life by the reigns or do you just let it pass you by? Do you strive to outdo yourself or do you simply do what's required? It's time to take charge and enjoy every moment God has blessed you with.In his second book, Live Life, author George Gabriel challenges us to step up to the next level of living. This book is his story — how he decided that living life passively is not living it at all. He is no stranger to trials and suffering. But if there's one thing he's learned from all his experiences, it's that we should tackle all of life's ups and downs head-on, because God is present in each and every one of those moments.Compiled once again from the editorial section of the award-winning youth magazine, FiSH: The Zany Side of Loving God, these simple stories about everyday life will inspire you to savor every second of your existence while marveling at the God who desires to reveal Himself to us in all things at all times.Get ready to live life to the full!    
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You Can Be Happy Again by Edwin Soriano ₱250.00 ₱349.00
PaperbackPages: 135Publisher: Shepherd's Voice Publications, Inc. (2016)Edition: 1Language: EnglishDo You Want to be Happy Again? Are you stuck in life?What’s keeping you from moving forward? Do you want to be free from fear, unforgiveness and misery? This book will help you be happy again.The tips in this book can free you from the chains that are holding you back from living your best life. Break free from the negative feelings and limiting beliefs that you may have unconsciously placed on yourself. Learn how to throw your excess baggage away and read about life-changing tools that will help heal your mind, heart and spirit.These tips are tried and tested by people who were in your situation before. Through the author’s coaching techniques, they have moved forward and achieved their own breakthroughs. You can, too!In this book you will:• Learn tips on how you can personally conquer your innermost fears and self-limiting thoughts.• Create breakthroughs in your relationships — whether personal or professional.• Explore powerful techniques to help you accomplish your dreams and goals.• Find out how you can be truly happy regardless of the circumstances you find yourself in. Get out of your pain zone and take the necessary steps towards change.Yes, you can be happy again!You can be free to be the best that you can be!Order today, ship tomorrow via Black Arrow or LBC. Cut-off every 2pm.#EdwinSoriano #bosanchez #selfhelp #books #freeshipping #freeshippingshopee #bestselling #happy #sad #feelings #love #heartbroken #heart #happiness  
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You Can Make God Blush ₱199.00 ₱250.00
So busy that you can't find time to pray? This book is an amazing guide to anyone who's finding it hard to pray because of his busy life. It's short and simple to understand--straight from the author's experience. The author is pretty busy. So if he can pray so can you! Stephen I. Nellas is a husband, dad, author, public speaker and lover of all things that life can offer. He is a youtube creator and a vlogger. His vlog is HacksForDads.    
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Strong and Faithful ₱249.00 ₱300.00
Heroes of Faith by Bo Sanchez Tracks: 1. Arise Adonai 2. Garments of Worship 3. Strong and Faithful 4. Draw Me 5. My Heart 6. Bayan ng Diyos 7. We Are Heroes 8. Shine Your Light 9. By Your Love 10. My Soul Is Waiting 11. While I Have Breath 12. We Will Serve the Lord 13. Maghari Ka 14. We Are Heroes (Reprise)
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Miracles Are On the Way (CD) ₱249.00 ₱300.00
Acoustic Reflections by Bo Sanchez Tracks: 1. Miracles Are on the Way 2. Break My Untrue Heart3. Your Love Is Set Upon Me4. Teach Me to Rest (duet with Tricia Crisanto)5. While I Have Breath6. Strong and Faithful (duet with Tricia Crisanto)7. Gomer*8. Laman ng Aking Puso*9. Nakita Ko*10. The Last Place
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Superblessed (CD) ₱249.00 ₱300.00
SUPERBLESSED – this one-of-a-kind compilation of original compositions from the talented finalists of Kergyma Feast’s Songwriting Contest will move you to worship the Almighty and give Him thanks for the music borne from the depths of our souls. Be inspired by the melodies. Be SUPERBLESSED! Tracks: 1. Superblessed2. Aking Hesus3. With My Imperfect Heart4. Forever In My Heart5. I’m Yours, My God6. Touch My Heart7. (For Today) Me Heart Rejoices in You8. You Have Created Me9. My Song of Worship10. Magpasalamat    
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The Adventures of Toby Squint and Leon ₱99.00 ₱150.00
Would you like to do something fun and learn something new? Here's a great way to spend your time! Read Mustard during your breaks and it will give you plenty of things to think about. Discover more about the world and God who made it. Find things you can share with your classmates. Get to know Jesus, your best friend. Mustard will help make your school days fun. You'll never run out of good ideas to share and apply. Sow Seeds of Fun and Faith!  
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What’s Your Life’s Masterpiece ₱375.00 ₱420.00
DO YOU KNOW WHY YOU’RE HERE? DO YOU KNOW YOUR LIFE’S PURPOSE?You are called to create a masterpiece out of your own interests and strengths. Be guided and enlightened by the stories and insights of world-class Filipinos who have found their reason for being here.Be inspired by the stories and insights of world-Class filipinos who have found their reason for being here. Do you know why you'Re here? do you know your life'S purpose?  
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Something Happened on My Way to Happy Ever After ₱249.00 ₱300.00
PaperbackPages: 151Publisher: Shepherd's Voice Publications, Inc. (2014)Edition: 1Language: EnglishISBN-13: 9789710070749Something Happened on My Way to Happy Ever After!!!If your life was a Disney cartoon movie you’d think that your happy ever after just naturally unfolds one joyous occasion after another. But reality is far from that! Life happens. And with it conflicts and difficulties enough to make any sane person pull her own hair. What a relief to know that we have a faithful God who sees us through it all.Order today, ship tomorrow via Black Arrow or LBC. Cut-off every 2pm.#rissakawpeng #happyeverafter #princess #fairytale #God #faith #bosanchez #selfhelp #books #freeshipping #freeshippingshopee #bestselling #women #relationship