Veera Colla + Vitamin C Plus

₱330.00 ₱530.00 -38% OFF

Veera Colla + Vitamin C Plus

₱330.00 ₱530.00 -38% OFF
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Colla + Vit C Plus

Note : Ewan ko nalang kung di pa kayo kuminis ksama ng Lazel at ng frozen Collagen ha

1 pack (60 capsules)

COLLA VIT PLUS combines collagen and whitening in a single capsule. Finish all skin problems. Ability to absorb into the body easily.

COLLA VIT PLUS genuine Collagen from marine fish with vitamin C. Perfect for all skin types.

Benefits of COLLA VIT PLUS:
Activate Collagen Production in body.
Skin whitening and makes the skin more lighter and brighter.
Hair Care
Slow down the aging process and all kinds of wrinkles
Reduce acnes and freckles.
Makes skin smooth, healthy, radiant and younger.
Strengthen skin and nail.
Tighten Pores.
Prevent skin from pollution and sunlight.
Refresh your skin even sleepless.
Reduce scar and smoother skin.