Snow Capsule by Frozen

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Snow Capsule by Frozen

₱199.00 ₱312.00 -37% OFF
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Product Details

Snow Capsule is NOT FOR INGESTION. For external use only.
Ang Snow Capsule ay "HINDI INIINOM" ito ay hinahalo sa lotion

Gluta Frozen is a brand from Thailand that aims to provide affordable yet innovative high-quality whitening supplements. Snow Capsule is their newest product in this endeavor. With its new concept of being able to add whitening properties to any lotion, consumers will now be able to get the best of both worlds.

Basic information about Snow Capsule:
Japan formula manufactured in Thailand
Thailand FDA approved (FDA Registration No. 10-1-6010046064)
GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) Certified
Halal Certified ISO
Philippine FDA soon
A whitening lotion in a capsulized form for hygienic purposes
PERFECT FOR: Hyper-pigmented skin and dark spots
Can be applied to dark areas of the BODY EXCEPT for the face
Main Content: Glutathione, AHA, Collagen, Vitamin C combining natural extract
Adds whitening properties to ordinary lotions
Increases the potency and whitening effect by up to 10 times
Deeply nourishes, smoothens, and softens skin
Promises visible results in just 5-7 days
Snow Capsule is NOT FOR INGESTION. For external use only.

Take out the capsule, mix vitamin powder with lotion and apply to your whole body
1 capsule can be divided into 2-3 uses
In the morning, it must be used with sunscreen
allergic tests must be performed before using
for external use only, don 't eat