Slimming Patch Fast Effective Natural Chinese Herbal Weight Losing Fat Burning Detox (10 Patches)


Slimming Patch Fast Effective Natural Chinese Herbal Weight Losing Fat Burning Detox (10 Patches)

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Product Details

Help burn the Fat - It helps to burn body fat, eliminate toxins and fat from your intestine, prevent fat absorption.

Healthy and Safety - Natural plants extract, healthy and mild non-stimulating the skin.

Function - losing weight, face beauty, Enhance the vitality of the intestine, improve constipation, remove acne and freckle.

Easy to Use - One patches per day, Paste every evening and remove on the morning, patch directly attached to the navel, the use of time is about 8~12 hours.

Great Gift for Yourself - If you have any questions, do not worry, and please contact us directly. We will give you a 100% satisfied solution and If a little pain or Lower body has the feeling of itching, this is a normal phenomenon of exclusion of toxin.

1. One piece everyday;
2. Only use when sleeping at night. Do not use at daytime, because sweat will make you feel an itch.

1. Clean your skin around the naval (Shen-que point) or Guan-yuan point with warm towel.
2. Open the individual package and remove the paper covering the slim patch.
3. Apply the slim Patch directly onto your navel or Guan-yuan point.
4. Wear the slim patch overnight and keep in place for 8-12 hours, remove the patch after use and replace with a new patch.

1. Use warm water to clean the applying area after removing the slim Patch.
2. Continue to use the slim Patch for 28 days or until a desired result is realized & For overweight individuals, please keep using for three months for the best result.

1. Each one use for 8 hours is better.
2. Pasting place skin damaged, pregnancy, and cesarean postpartum within 3 months are all disable to use.
3. Sensitive skin is disabled. If you have skin allergies, please use skin lotion or cream before pasting, in order to prevent the sensitive.
4. Period is not recommended to use.