Skinny Chubby Choco (5 x 15g)

₱149.00 ₱330.00 -55% OFF

Skinny Chubby Choco (5 x 15g)

₱149.00 ₱330.00 -55% OFF
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Chubby Choco
Note: 2 packs per checkout will be served
Inside pack: 5x 15g sachets (Net Wt. 75g)

Ang pabago-bagong panahon pwedeng maging dahilan ng iba’t ibang sakit lalo na sa mga bata.

Palakasin ang resistensiya ng katawan nila! Bigyan sila ng isang basong Chubby Choco sa umaga at isang baso sa gabi. Siguradong may proteksiyon sila sa maghapong paglalaro at paglabas ng bahay at tuluy tuloy ang pagiging healthy hanggang bago matulog.

Don’t put your kids health at risk, give them Chubby Choco every day!


Gain weight in a healthier way!

Nagdadalawang isip pa? Try mo muna. Take the CHUBBY CHALLENGE and live a healthier life! 💕👍

✔ For weight gain, optimum holistic health
✔ For young and old alike
✔ Good for growing kids - 3 years old and above



ANSWER: It is safe to drink Chubby Choco anytime of the day after a meal BUT it is best to drink it 15-30 minutes in the morning, after a meal.

WHY?: If you drink Chubby Choco in the morning after a meal, it will serve as an energy booster that will fuel up your body throughout the whole day. This is also the best time to boost your appetite and stimulate muscle growth.

Gain weight now with our help! Get Chubby now!

Para sa iba pang mga katanungan, you can comment down below or send a message and will answer you as soon as possible.

Want your kids to gain weight, be active and energetic?!

Another supplement drink is Chubby Choco!!!

1. BACOPA MONNIERI EXTRACT - promotes brain function and alertness.
2. CHLORELLA - active factor for growth and height enhancement.
3. ALFALFA - rich source of Protein, Calcium and Vitamin K.
4. DANDELION EXTRACT - rich in beatcarotene, promotes digestion and kidney aid.
3. Stevia - is an exceptional aid in weight management as it contains no calories and reduces one's craving for fatty foods & sweets.

🏆Skinny Foodmix is awarded in 2016 in the Philippines by Global Brand and Asian Excellence Award.

🥇Chubby Choco is the most effective way to gain weight with or without out diet & exercise

🔹 100% Safe and effective
🔸 100% Natural
🔹 Manufactured in an FDA and HALAL approved plant
🔸 No LBM
🔹 No headaches
🔸 No palpitations
🔹 No side effects
🔸 Appetite stimulant / Increases food cravings