Secrets of the Rich and Successful by Chinkee Tan

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Secrets of the Rich and Successful by Chinkee Tan

₱299.00 ₱330.00 -10% OFF
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Title: Secrets Of The Rich And Successful
Author: Chinkee Tan
Category: Financial Management
Language: English
Dimensions: 9 x 6 inches Paperback

This book is not about hoping to become rich. This book is all about the truth on why you can become and deserve to become successful and rich.

Just as Chinkee Tan learned from people who are rich and successful, learn also from his stories of success. Be inspired and motivated!

What is the Secret of the Rich and Successful?
How To Turn Dreams Into Reality
The Right Questions To Ask
The Power of Belief
How Can We Change Our Perceptions?
What Happens If You Start Believing?
The Foundation Of The Rich and Successful
Do You Have What It Takes?

Chinkee Tan is a well known Filipino motivational speaker. He specializes in topics concerning wealth and life such as financial management, relationships inside and outside home and personal development to name a few. He has helped a lot of individuals, married couples, families and even companies as he continues to share his passion, thus, being one the famous motivational speakers in the Philippines. To this day, he continues to inspire thousands of people through his books, free business seminars in the Philippines, social media and being invited to be a motivational corporate speaker to different organizations.

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