RyxSkin Advanced Exfoliating TONER (120ml)

₱219.00 ₱440.00 -51% OFF

RyxSkin Advanced Exfoliating TONER (120ml)

₱219.00 ₱440.00 -51% OFF
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Product Details

Ryx has made a tougher competitor for the world of rejuvenation and exfoliation.
Experience its greatness with faster exfoliation of your skin.
See the results right away as it is not your ordinary Ryx set.
Let your beauty get reborn. Slay the day!

FDA Notified
Rest skin for one week before starting with a new skin care routine
It is recommended to do a skin test
Not suited for pregnant and lactating moms
For ages 13 and above

Para sakin, hindi ganon katapang ang amoy nito at hindi masakit sa ilong.

Clear Bomb Advanced Exfoliating Toner is your powerful toner combining the benefits of Salicylic Acid and Alpha Arbutin — making you undergo to a tolerable stinging sensation and micropeeling process yet amazingly effective. This will reveal a clear bomb and smooth-looking glass skin. Your first step to clearer journey is Clear Bomb Toner.

This exfoliating toner is a powerhouse - Combining the effectiveness of salicylic acid and Alpha Arbutin plus Vit. A C and E - that will give you the coveted clear radiant bomb skin that glows.

It penetrates into the pores of the skin to dissolve dead skin cells and flaky skin that built up on the surface of the skin and causes clogged pores.

Alpha Arbutin is a gentle brightening agent that improves uneven skin tone, effectively fades scars and has sun protection properties.

Best used with cotton balls and apply in upwards motion. This product may cause a tolerable stinging sensation and visible peeling as it works through the skin.

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