Omnifresh Plus Antibacterial Cream by GFoxx

₱1,009.00 ₱1,399.00 -28% OFF

Omnifresh Plus Antibacterial Cream by GFoxx

₱1,009.00 ₱1,399.00 -28% OFF
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Product Details
An Organic-PH balanced Antibacterial cream composing of multiple amino acids which helps alleviate the symptoms of acute and chronic skin diseases.

Omnifresh Cream / 30ml

Direction For Use:

1. After taking a bath, using your ring finger, apply a small amount of cream on the affected area.
2. Let it dry for 3-5 minutes.
3. We highly recommend to use it at night time or right before we sleep.

Product Overview

● Restores skin amino acid balance
● Helps alleviate vast types of skin disorders
● Safe for babies (pH balanced)
● Organic and no known side effects

For best result, use with Omnifresh Plus Antibacterial Soap