Miramin Q Plus Food Supplement (60ml)

₱2,360.00 ₱4,956.00 -53% OFF

Miramin Q Plus Food Supplement (60ml)

₱2,360.00 ₱4,956.00 -53% OFF
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Vitamin C and minerals food supplement drops has an increased content of Zeolite and minerals in the formulation. They work together to help increase the body's detoxification process and nutriment of the body. It is recommended to help boost furthermore the immune system of both sick and healthy individuals.


👉 CALCIUM MONTMORILLONITE-mineral powerpack warehouse and toxin magnet.it has more than 50 macro, micro and trace minerals.it pick.it picks up toxins like magnet neutralizes it and releases it safely outside the body.

👉 FULVIC ACID(INTELLIGENT MOLECULE)- it carries the vitamins minerals and nutrients in the portion where the body needs it most.

👉 ZEOLITE (MASTER DETOXIFIER)- helps remove the accumulated increasingly aggressive toxins in our body, to help our cells breathe restoring optimal health and wellness immune defense and protection.


👉 A- ANTIOXIDANT. it protects our body against free radicals.

👉 C-COLLAGEN PRODUCTION. helps repair and keep the skin cartilage, ligaments, tendons, bones and teeth healthy.

👉 E-ENERGY. IT GIVES US THE UNDURANCE AND EXTRA STAMINA that our body needs and works as an immune booster.


SUGGESTED USAGE: Adult: Add 10drops to water, juices or food preparation.