MiHealth Spirulina 8n1 Coffee (10 Sachets)

₱399.00 ₱878.00 -55% OFF

MiHealth Spirulina 8n1 Coffee (10 Sachets)

₱399.00 ₱878.00 -55% OFF
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Spirulina Coffee Food Supplement for Immunity and Fight against Cancer Improved Brain Function Prevent Diabetis Contains Moringa, Stevia Guyabano Mangosteen

1Box10 Sachets

Organic Powerful Antioxidant Instant Coffee w/ Great Health Benefits to our Body

- Can heal cancer
- Lowers Uric acid
- It can cure aids
- Can cure hepatitis
- Increase fertility
- Prevent & stop diabetes
- Help avoid Osteoporosis
- Improves brain function
- Helps in preventing stroke
- Help in treating many kinds of eye disorders