Mefapo Hair Enemy Hair Removal Bubble 98ml

₱358.00 ₱528.00 -33% OFF

Mefapo Hair Enemy Hair Removal Bubble 98ml

₱358.00 ₱528.00 -33% OFF
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Product Details

Product Description:
✔ 100% brand new and of high quality.
 This hair removal spray is extremely gentle and can be used by both men and women.
 The application is simple and the body hair is removed quickly and effectively without irritating the skin.
 The texture is a dense white foam, soft and silky, which can wrap any hair.
 Micron-level dispersion effect, easy to spray at any time.
✔ Fresh smell and natural safety. Painless, clean, clear, fast.
 Can quickly remove hair on knees, arms, ankles, legs, armpits and tights, with excellent hair removal performance.
 A moisture cream can be applied after hair removing.

 Please perform a skin test before use. Do not use this product if the skin is damaged.
 If your hair is harder, and more, you need to increase the amount, please wait until the spray has completely penetrated, and then delete.
 For best results, let the spray be fully absorbed and do not wash it off too early.
 Use it twice daily in the first week, then at least once daily until you are satisfied with the result. Repeat this process several times a month.

How to use:
 Due to the soft, sensitive facial skin, skin allergy tests are necessary.
 Do not wash hair remover in hot water and soap.
 Do not use this product if the skin is damaged.
 Easy to use: After spray, bubble appears. Allow the spray to be fully absorbed and do not wash it off too early.
 Hold 6 -12 minutes (at least five minutes) depending on the thickness of the hair, then wipe, body hair away.
 With water to wash away the foam residue. Dry with a soft towel.
 A moisture cream can then be applied. Wet skin after use
✔ Please remain clean in the foam nozzle after each use.