KB Alkaline Water Ionizer Tumbler

₱2,499.00 ₱5,000.00 -51% OFF

KB Alkaline Water Ionizer Tumbler

₱2,499.00 ₱5,000.00 -51% OFF
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Product Details

• Acidic Person
• High Blood Problem
• Cholesterol
• Diabetes
• Prevent Joint Pain and Gouty Arthritis
• Detox of Body Toxins
• Fights Infection
• Loss Weight
• Healthy Skin
• Boost Energy
• Fights Against Cancer
• Improve Productivity

1. Regulating the body acid-base balance and resist the formation and growth of cancer cell.
2. Reducing blood lipid, Lower blood pressure
3. Improving regulation of gastrointestinal function
4. Promoting hunman metabolism, and enhance human immunity.
5. High dissolving power of energy water binds to the waste toxins in our body and flushes them out through urination, perspiration, and others.

1. Clean the cup with hot water before you use it, in order to active the Nano particle. (please use the hot water with the temperature above 90, wait until the hot water be cool, then repeat to wash it at least for 3 times)
2. Pour in the water, and wait for about 10-15 minutes.
3. Enjoy your mineral water.

W - 14 cm
H - 8.5 cm
L - 23.5 cm