Fairy Skin Milky Bar Soap 100g

₱99.00 ₱399.00 -76% OFF

Fairy Skin Milky Bar Soap 100g

₱99.00 ₱399.00 -76% OFF
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Product Details
What’s in the box?
Fairy Skin Milky Bar Soap 100g

Goats Milk
Snail Extract
Glycolic Acid
Alpha Arbutin

This LEGEN-DAIRY Milky Bar Soap is an all-in-one multi-care for your skin
Lighten dark spots and brighten our overall complexion
Intense whitening and hydrating benefits without being harsh to our skin
Milky bar Soap is formulated gentle for teens, pregnant moms, and lactating women's use
No side effects, no intense reaction, just pure care and glow
Just add water, rub on hands together, and enjoy the premium lather! No mesh needed

How to Use:
1️⃣ Lather Fairy Skin Milky Bar soap on wet skin
2️⃣ Leave on for 2minutes
3️⃣ Rinse Thoroughly
4️⃣ For best results, use Fairy Skin Lotion after bathing

Micropeeling will occur during the first week of use and should not be confused with skin dryness.

How does micropeel helps your skin?
Improves appearance of hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, fine lines and other visible imperfections.
Smoothens out your skin.
Promotes a faster natural exfoliation process.
Improves your skin’s texture, making it softer.
Leaves your skin looking radiant.
Gives you firmer skin over time by stimulating collagen production.
The best part? You will not feel any discomfort and the peeling is not visible!
It doesn’t matter what bath dipper you use, what’s important is that you use Fairy Skin Milky Bar on your every bath!