[Buy1Take1] Vita Mira Snail Whitening Lotion (200ml)

₱399.00 ₱917.00 -57% OFF

[Buy1Take1] Vita Mira Snail Whitening Lotion (200ml)

₱399.00 ₱917.00 -57% OFF
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Product Details

Our VITA MIRA SNAIL WHITENING LOTION is enriched with Nutrients and Snail Extract. It is creamy white and easy to spread!


5 Functions of Vita Mira Snail Whitening Lotion:

🌺 Whitening

🌺 Moisturizing

🌺 Anti-Aging

🌺 Naturally brings out your skin's GLOW

🌺 Infused with Snail Extract to help repair skin damage.


Now that we know what Vita Mira can do to our Skin. We can guarantee you that, You can Experience the MIRACLE for your skin!

5 Main Ingredients:

1. Herbal Whitening Compounds - Contains 22 herbs that help whiten skin!

2. Snail Extract - Hydrates, Repairs, and Regenerates the Skin!

3. Vitamin C - Enhances collagen synthesis!

4. Vitamin B3 - Smooths fine lines and slow down aging!

5. Vitamin B5 - Moisturizes the Skin


There is no known side effects in using this product. But if you have sensitive skin that can easily develop rashes, we suggest to try the product first by putting small amount of cream in your skin. If there are no side effects, you can continue to use the product.



1. After a bath, apply on skin as needed.

2. Can be used before make up and sunblock.