[Buy 1 Take1] Glow Up EZWhite Fizz Glutathione with Naticol & Vitamin C Plus (15 tablets x 4g/Tube)

₱1,000.00 ₱2,760.00 -64% OFF

[Buy 1 Take1] Glow Up EZWhite Fizz Glutathione with Naticol & Vitamin C Plus (15 tablets x 4g/Tube)

₱1,000.00 ₱2,760.00 -64% OFF
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GLOWUP's powerful, fast, and effective whitening system now comes in effervescent form for BETTER and QUICKER absorption.



✅ 250mg Glutathione - whitens skin tone

✅ Patented Sakura Extract - to moisturize and brighten skin tone

✅ Fish Collagen – maintains skin elasticity

✅ Rosehip Extract – replenishes vitamins

✅ Red Vine Leaf Extract - improves circulation

✅ Tomato Extracts – reduces skin aging

✅ Beet Root Powder - assists detoxification of the body

✅ Vitamins C, E, and B3


1. What is the major benefit of Glow Up EZWHITE Fizz?

By taking EZWHITE Fizz, you can have beautiful, fair, and radiant skin. It will help to make your skin more supple and firm, in addition to that, it removes skin dark spots and wrinkles. Aside from the skin benefits, it can also help your body to have a better blood flow.

2. What is the importance of good skin or blood circulation?

Blood carries nutrients and oxygen that will be distributed to the whole body. Better circulation means better distribution of nutrients that make our cells strong and healthy, this will result in better skin health.

3. What is the proper intake?

Just take 1 tablet for maintenance or 2 tablets a day for enhancement.

4. What are the advantages of our Collagen ingredient?

Our Collagen is from Fish which means it is safe from a contaminant, it undergoes special enzymatic hydrolyzed technology that makes the molecule small and easy to absorb, and it has a French patent that is recognized worldwide.

5. What is the advantage of Effervescent Tablet as a dosage form?

Since it dissolves in water, it is easier for our body to absorb since it activates our sublingual absorption that is directly going to our veins and used by our body. And with this, there’s no digestive influence that might damage the product.

6. When can I see the results?

After 2-3 days, you can feel the internal effects caused by the product. Since it helps in regenerating the cells, it will make you feel energized and vibrant. On the 5th day up to the first week, glowing skin is noticeable. Lightening of the skin can be observed after 2-3 weeks of use. But always remember, partner it with a healthy lifestyle and avoid too much sun exposure.

7. Is there an overdose for this?

The product is considered a food supplement which is food but with a denser amount of nutrients inside. It is best to follow up with 1 to 2 tablets in one day.


8. Is the product safe for pregnant women?

For pregnant and lactating women, consult your doctors first.

These work together to help users maintain YOUNGER, FRESH-LOOKING, WHITER skin.