Biome Essennces Bleaching Cream (Improved Formula)

₱399.00 ₱770.00 -49% OFF

Biome Essennces Bleaching Cream (Improved Formula)

₱399.00 ₱770.00 -49% OFF
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Hi butterflies! This is the improved formula of Biome Essennces Bleaching Cream

250g Per Tub

1 Tub Can Last up to 3 months


Biome Essennces Bleaching Cream

Uses active ingredients that is safe on your skin. With our fast technology, we guarantee instant white after every use & healthy radiant skin after continuous usage. Fast white technology and micro peeling will lighten your skin, replace dead skin cells with new glowing healthier skin and makes skin soft & smooth. It also combats signs of aging when used consistently. It is guaranteed safe and will not cause eczema/melasma as long as users will ensure proper sun and UV protection.


INGREDIENTS: Kojic, Glycolic acid, Sunflower Oil, Mulberry Extract, Licorice Extract, Papaya Extract, Shea Butter, & Alpha Arbutin



✅ Lactating Mom

✅ 15 years old and above

✅ FDA APPROVED (Updated certificate, not expired)

✅ Acne Prone

✅ Oily Skin

✅ Dry Skin

✅ Normal Skin

✅ Combination Skin

✅ Sensitive Skin

✅ Head Reseller here


AVOID USING IF YOU HAVE SENSITIVE BECAUSE IT WILL CAUSE IRRITATIONS. (Beware on sellers who tell lies just to sell their unsafe products)



How to use:

1. Make sure that your desire area is dry. Use dry hands also on applying.

2. Make sure to cover all your desire area.

3. Leave it for 10-20mins.

4. After that, rinse it with water. Much better to use Bentonite clay bamboo charcoal soap for rinsing and apply any moisturizer lotions to achieve that glowing and soft skin.

5. Better use it everyday or every other day.

6. See results in 7days up to 2 weeks

7. You can use it on your face, body, underarm and bikini area


Do's and don'ts:

- Avoid the sun

- Follow instructions

- Give your products/treatment time to work

- Use lotion/moisturizer for more soft finished result

- DON'T use the bleaching cream to your face if you are currently using rejuv set ass it may result on irritation due to high dosage of ingredients.

- DON'T place your bleaching cream into hot areas or on areas where sunlight is directed