Always Chink+ by Chinkee Tan (How to inspire yourself to inspire others)

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Always Chink+ by Chinkee Tan (How to inspire yourself to inspire others)

₱299.00 ₱350.00 -15% OFF
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This book is simple to read. The lessons are practical and the stories are everyday parables you can share to your friends. In this book, Chinkee Tan has portrayed his gift in teaching, the ability to make complex topic easy to understand by everyone.

This book contains 50 daily devotionals that will help you change your mindset from the negative to the positive, from thinking of impossibilities to possibilities, from thinking difficulty to treating it as opportunities.

In less than 10 minutes a day, this book will help you:
• Renew and change your mindset to Chink+
• Refocus your perspective to look at the positive not on the negative.
• Overcome trials, hardships, failures, challenges or even depression.
• Change your old habit into a new habit for a new you
• Create your vision, your strategy and your action plan to turn your dreams into a reality.
• To be inspire and be empowered so that you also inspire and empower others.


• Leaders who want to lead others by leading themselves
• Sales People who want to motivate themselves constantly to exceed their targets
• Parents who want to inspire their children to greater heights
• Entrepreneurs who want to handle and overcome failures
• Networkers who want to inspire and motivate their downlines from falling out
• Students who want to find purpose and meaning in life
• Professionals who want to overcome the daily challenges and stress of office work and politics

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Chinkee Tan is a well known Filipino motivational speaker. He specializes in topics concerning wealth and life such as financial management, relationships inside and outside home and personal development to name a few. He has helped a lot of individuals, married couples, families and even companies as he continues to share his passion, thus, being one the famous motivational speakers in the Philippines.

To this day, he continues to inspire thousands of people through his books, free business seminars in the Philippines, social media and being invited to be a motivational corporate speaker to different organizations.