[3+1 Promo] Go Fit Barley Mix Juice 15 Sachet/Box (Guaranteed Original)

₱2,399.00 ₱5,040.00 -53% OFF

[3+1 Promo] Go Fit Barley Mix Juice 15 Sachet/Box (Guaranteed Original)

₱2,399.00 ₱5,040.00 -53% OFF
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GoFit Barley Mix Juice (15 Sachets) – is rich in anti-oxidant which helps fight off free radicals. It has natural cleansing and detoxification properties for weight loss too! It also helps to strengthen the immune and digestive health system.



1. Multi-Vegetable

2. Fruit Powder (Broccoli, Green Apple, Leek Seed, Soluble Fiber)

3. Mixed Seeds (Yuzu Seed, Raspberry, Guarana Seed, Kiwi Seed, Leek Seed, Sesame, Cassia Seed, Pumpkin Seed, Litchi Seed, Camellia Japonica Seed, Nigelia Sativa Seed, Soluble Fiber)

4. Fibersol-2

5. Barley Leaves

6. Wheatgrass

7. Chlorella

8. Spirulina

9. Resveratrol

10. Stevia (as a sweetener)

11. Silicon Dioxide (as anti-caking agent)



1. Help strengthen the immune system

2. Improves digestions and promotes better metabolism

3. Prevents insulin resistance

4. Good source of anti-oxidant

5. Muscle and endurance benefits



Tear sachet and mix with 150ml preferably not a cold water and stir.

Adjust water volume based on your preference.

Take 1 sachet daily or as prescribed by a physician.