[2+1 Promo] 24k Pasmacure Antiperspirant (20ml) - Solution for Excessive Sweating or Hyperhidrosis


[2+1 Promo] 24k Pasmacure Antiperspirant (20ml) - Solution for Excessive Sweating or Hyperhidrosis

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PAWIS-ALIS with Skinsity 24k PASMACURE!
NAGPAPAWIS kahit hindi mainit? Conscious about the humiliating and disgusting ‘BASKIL – basang kili-kili’ at kili-kili power phenomena? It is common every summer here in the Philippines and most likely every single day for people suffering from hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating.

Having ‘BASKIL’ is not a life-threatening condition but it is a leading cause of embarrassment and humiliation.
What are the effects of having ‘BASKIL’ moments?
● You can’t raise your underarms
● You change your clothes frequently
● You can’t wear your favorite dark-colored clothes
● You ended up using improvised underarm pads to save yourself from awkwardness. 

Thanks to Skinsity 24k PASMACURE, you can now BID GOODBYE TO SWEATY UNDERARMS, HANDS, AND FEET. PASMACURE helps reduce wetness and underarm odor so you can wear the clothes you love and stay dry and fresh all day long.

Amazing Benefits of Skinsity 24k PASMACURE :
● EFFECTIVE ANTIPERSPIRANT: Tired of trying deodorants and antiperspirants that DOESN’T WORK? The search is over now, PASMACURE is perfectly formulated for people with “PASMADO'' or sweaty hands, feet, and underarms.
● LONG-LASTING MOISTURIZATION: This is not your ordinary ANTI-BASKIL solution. PASMACURE is created to provide long-lasting moisturization – thanks to the naturally hydrating shea butter, coconut oil, peppermint oil, and vitamins C & E.
● ELIMINATES ODOR: Stop the embarrassing body odor and stay fresh by using PASMACURE every day.
● NATURAL ANTIPERSPIRANT: Sweat less and smell your best without using any harsh chemicals. PASMACURE is known as the leading brand for excessive sweating made with natural ingredients and manufactured only in the Philippines.

Our KEY ingredients:
● Vitamin C or Ascorbic Acid is an antioxidant that helps boost collagen formation for a youthful and glowing skin
● Vitamin E or alpha-tocopherol is an anti-inflammatory ingredient that helps nourish and reduces UV damage to the skin.
● 24k Gold dust helps the skin to absorb the serum for faster results.
● Jojoba Oil has skin repair qualities that keep the skin calm and comfortable.
● Coconut Oil has antimicrobial properties that can help treat acne and can also keep skin supple and well hydrated.
● Shea Butter is a cosmetic ingredient that helps to soften, tone, and conditions the skin.
● Peppermint oil naturally cleanses the skin and has antiseptic and antibacterial properties. It has a cooling effect that soothes irritation and inflammation due to acne.

1. Place 4 to 6 drops of 24k PASMACURE oil on the palm of your hand.
2. Rub your hands to spread the oil thoroughly, then massage it into your hands, armpit, and feet.

BASKIL NO MORE – the natural way!
PASMACURE is already helping 1000+ customers get back their lost self-esteem. Hug and high-five with confidence now! ORDER YOURS TODAY and avail of our EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNT! The offer is valid for a limited time.