1 GoFit Barley Mix Juice + 1 Free Shape Up Coffee

₱799.00 ₱1,680.00 -53% OFF

1 GoFit Barley Mix Juice + 1 Free Shape Up Coffee

₱799.00 ₱1,680.00 -53% OFF
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Shape Up Coffee ay gawa sa mga natural na sangkap na nakakatulong upang mabawasan ang gana kumain nang hindi makakain ng higit sa kailangan, nagdudulot din ito ng lakas sa ating katawan, nakakatulong din ito na magtunaw din ng mga taba na meron sa ating katawan, at nagdedetoxify ng ating internal sysytem upang mapanatiling malusog, aktibo at nasa perpektong hubog ang katawan. Maari mo nang ma-enjoy ang kape habang ina-achieve ang iyong mga fitness goals.

CATEGORY: Food Supplement

1. Garcinia Cambogia Extract
2. Green Tea Extract
3. Mangosteen Peel Extract
4. L-Carnitine
5. Stevia Leaves Extract Powder

Maaring mong timplahin ang Shape Up Coffee sa malamig man o mainit na tubig.
Ibuhos lamang ang sachet sa 150ml na mainit o malamig na tubig, at haluing mabuti.

FORMAT: 15g/7 sachets/Box

Contraindications/Drug-Drug or Drug-Food Interactions: None Stated but best to consult your doctor

1. Nakatutulong magtunaw ng mga taba sa katawan.
2. Nakatutulong bawasan ang pagcrave sa pagkain
3. Nakatutulong dagdagan ang fluid intake ng katawan.


GOFIT BARLEY JUICE is made by extracting the nutrient-dense juices from pure organic young barley grass. That’s why it preserves highly concentrated amounts of chlorophyll, fibers, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. Supercharge your life now and start feeling years younger by taking it daily with or between meals.

- Clean & Natural Energy Booster. Feel more productive, perform better in life and have enough energy for your loved ones while it hydrates and revitalizes your body.
- Promotes Digestive Health & Metabolism. Help cleanse and boost healthy bacteria in the gut.
- Detoxifies the Body. Get rid of unwanted toxins and impurities from your body naturally.
- Rich in Antioxidants. It supports healthy colon, heart and overall well being.
- Absorbs FASTER. It contains nutrient-rich pure barley grass powder that can be absorbed by the body quickly and easily.
- Protects Against degenerative disease specially when consumed together with GoFit Barley capsule with Probiotics

GoFit Barley Mix a supplement powdered juice that has combination of 13 different seeds and other natural ingredients such as
✅ Barley
✅ Wheat Leaves Powder
✅ Mixture of 13 Seeds
✅ Chlorella
✅ Spirulina
✅ Resveratrol
✅ Fibersol -2