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ALTAIMUNE Miracle Essential Oil by WeProvide - Anti ... ₱2,499.00 ₱3,500.00
ALTAIMUNE is a food supplement made with wild honey (as carrier), water, and different types of 100% Pure, Natural and Certified Therapeutic Essential Oils Botanically and Biochemically Defined (EOBBD) such as: EO Curcuma longa (Curcumin), EO Origanum compatum (oregano), EO Zingeber (Ginger), EO Ocimum basilicum (Basil), EO Boswella (Frankincense), EO Cinnamomum cassia (Cinnamon), Slavia officinalis (Sage), EO Sygyeum armoaticum (Clove), EO Thymusvulgaris (Thyme), EO Menta Pepirita (Peppermint) that possess an anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties.   There are certain components of a variety of essential oils that have been shown to disrupt the viral lifecycle at different stages such as:   1. OREGANO - blocks viral attachment and entry. 2. GINGER - blocks viral attachment and entry. 3. CINNAMON - inhibits virus by preventing viral attachment and entry. 4. THYME - interferes with the virus envelope, and also masks viral components which are necessary for attachment, penetration, or entry into host cells. 5. PEPPERMINT - known to kill viruses within the cell. 6. CURCUMIN - suppresses viral multiplication in the transcription stage. 7. SAGE - disrupts the viral infection and replication processes. 8. BASIL - inhibits early stages of infection. Antiviral action at the intracellular level. 9. CLOVE - inhibits viral activity at the replication stage. 10. FRANKINCENSE - blocks the ability of the virus to assemble itself inside the cell.   Recommended use: • 3ml per day for prevention. • Drop directly in the throat.   Storage and Special Information's: • Store at 28oC room temperature. • Do not expose to sunlight to avoid oxidation. • Use under medical supervision.   Special Precautions and Warnings: • This food supplement is for adult use only. It is not intended for Children, Pregnant and Lactating Mothers. • An individual under drug treatment should secure approval from physicians prior to the consumption of this food supplement. • A very serious allergic reaction to this food supplement is rare.  However, seek immediate medical attention if you notice any symptoms of a serious allergic reaction, including rashes, itching/swelling especially of the face, tongue, and throat, severe dizziness and trouble breathing.
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GLW Essentials AltaGlow Collagen (Alta Glow) ₱899.00 ₱1,980.00
Collagen For The Win!!!Helps strengthening skin. Promotes skin elasticity and hydration.For your glowing and shining shining skin effectHelps reduce fine lines & wrinklesReduces and protects your skin from sun damageSupports heart healthHelps relieve joint pains.Helps prevent bone loss, and helps boost muscle massAchieve that healthy glow inside and out!
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GLW Essentials AltaLumina L-Glutathione (Alta Lumina) ₱1,499.00 ₱3,300.00
Promotes skin whitening while reducing oxidative stressHelps reduce cell damage in alcoholic and nonalcoholic fatty liver disease For your glowing and shining shining skin effectHelps reduce fine lines & wrinklesReduces and protects your skin from sun damageProtects cell against the damage of free radicalsAchieve that healthy glow inside and out!  
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GLW Underarm Whitening Scrub Apricot & Coffee (2 var... ₱375.00 ₱440.00
COFFEE GROUNDS This scrub is infused with papaya extract and Kojic to make skin smoother and lighter. Gently exfoliates your underarms with coffee grounds to improve the appearance of fine lines, ingrown hair, and chicken skin. Rich in Vitamin C and natural anti-microbial properties to reduce uneven texture and eliminate body odors.   APRICOT SCENTED This scrub is infused with papaya extract and Kojic to make skin smoother and lighter. Gently exfoliates your underarms with microbeads to remove dead skin and stimulate collagen production. Rich in Vitamin C and natural anti-microbial properties to reduce uneven texture and eliminate body odors. Enjoy a delightful apricot scent for a luscious at-home spa experience. Directions: Scoop out a small amount from the pot and apply it on wet underarm skin. Massage gently for at least 3 minutes before rinsing off. Use 2 to 3 times a week for best results.   The perfect whitening scrub for your underarms, elbows, and knees! ✅ Diminishes color ✅ Lightens and smoothens underarm skin. ✅ 100% Natural. ✅ Smells good. ✅ Whitens skin in just 2-3 weeks ✅ Reduces chicken skin ✅ Smoothens skin ✅ Removes dead skin cells ✅ Detoxifies and moisturizes your skin effectively ✅ Reduces dark spots
GLW Essentials Soap Coconut, Tomato, Charcoal, Lemon... from ₱225.00 ₱280.00
All products are natural ingredients!   ✔️Coconut Soap Made with natural anti-acne ingredients such as coconut oil, olive oil and argan oil. helps in the reduction and control of acne while keeping the skin moisturized.   ✔️Charcoal Soap Packed with natural deep cleansing properties of activated charcoal that helps prevent acne treats oily skin while reducing pore size.   ✔️Lemon Soap Infused with natural anti-aging ingredients such as moringa, calamansi extract, and shea butter. Helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines while toning and soothing the skin.   ✔️Papaya with Carrots Soap Formulated with the triple whitening effect of carrots extract, papaya extract and kojic. Helps make skin clearer, softer and brighter leaving overall radiant appearance.   ✔️Tomato Soap Made with real tomatoes and infused with vitamin A. It aids in the prevention of wrinkles and fine lines while moisturizing the skin and tightening pores. This soap is perfect for oily combination skin types.  
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GLW Essentials Oil Blends (10ml) ₱350.00 ₱628.00
Essential Oil blends provide the body with numerous health benefits. Pick from our five essential oil blends to suit your mood and specific need.   LAVANDER - Sleep Well The most popular essential oil because of its well-liked floral aroma. It is said to be calming, helps alleviate anxiety and helps improve sleep.   BAMBOO - Aches Away Bamboo oils contain antioxidants and it help reduce inflammation in airways and clears other conditions associated with allergic reactions.   EUCALYPTUS -Be Peaceful Eucalyptus is a natural decongestant, relieves muscle aches and pains, has antibacterial anti-inflammatory properties.   PEPPERMINT - Breathe Easy It clears respiratory passages, eases headache pain and has a cooling effect.   LILLY OF THE VALLEY - Energy Up It has a floral scent and it helps energize, detoxify and destress when applied. It helps alleviate depression by boosting positive feelings and self-confidence.
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ALTAPRIMA Essential Blend Food Supplement (750mg x 6... ₱4,399.00 ₱7,500.00
ALTAPRIMA is an all-natural food supplement that contains SPIRULINA (Arhtrospira Platensis), CAMU CAMU (Myrciaria Dubia), and CHOKEBERRY (Aronia Melanocarpa).   NATURE’S SOLUTION FOR LONGEVITY   SPIRULINA (Arhtrospira Platensis) - Nutrient-dense cyanobacteria that provides the major nutrients the body needs - Has both nutritional and functional components including various vitamins and minerals as well as anti-cancer substances.   CAMU CAMU (Myrciaria Dubia) - Essential in the synthesis of collagen, the substance that literally holds us together - Helps transport fatty acid into the cells to be used for energy - Inhibits bacterial invasion and growth - Strengthens immune cells to fight pathogens - Involved in the synthesis of norepinephrine, a neurotransmitter responsible for regulating our stress levels.   CHOKEBERRY (Aronia Melanocarpa) - Has the highest known ORAC* value among berries today - Known to be effective in neutralizing 6 major free radicals: superoxide, hydroxyl radicals, peroxyl and alkoxyl radicals, hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), singlet oxygen and peroxynitrite.   ORAC - oxygen radical absorbance capacity, the standard by which the activities and power of antioxidants are measured.  
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ALTAULTIMA Food Supplement (750mg x 60 Capsules) ₱4,399.00 ₱7,500.00
ALTAULTIMA FOOD SUPPLEMENT 750mg 60 Capsule   ALTAULTIMA is an all-natural food supplement that contains ingredients rich in hyaluronic acid, antioxidants, and more to combat pre- mature skin aging and improve sexual drive to preserve youth and enhance vitality.   SEXUAL PERFORMANCE IS THE MOST KNOWN MEASURE OF VITALITY 33% of men and 43% of women experience sexual dysfunction   Ingredients: - Pinebark - Dong Quia Roots - Tongkat Ali - Muria Pauma Bark - Muria Pauma Roots - Puncture Vine Flower - Saffron Flower - Maqui Berry - Epimedium - Collagen - L-Arginine - CoQ10