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GLW Essentials Oil Blends (10ml) ₱350.00 ₱628.00
Essential Oil blends provide the body with numerous health benefits. Pick from our five essential oil blends to suit your mood and specific need.   LAVANDER - Sleep Well The most popular essential oil because of its well-liked floral aroma. It is said to be calming, helps alleviate anxiety and helps improve sleep.   BAMBOO - Aches Away Bamboo oils contain antioxidants and it help reduce inflammation in airways and clears other conditions associated with allergic reactions.   EUCALYPTUS -Be Peaceful Eucalyptus is a natural decongestant, relieves muscle aches and pains, has antibacterial anti-inflammatory properties.   PEPPERMINT - Breathe Easy It clears respiratory passages, eases headache pain and has a cooling effect.   LILLY OF THE VALLEY - Energy Up It has a floral scent and it helps energize, detoxify and destress when applied. It helps alleviate depression by boosting positive feelings and self-confidence.