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SilverFresh Toothpaste (100ml) ₱375.00 ₱825.00
✳️SilverFresh Toothpaste✅SilverFresh is the FIRST #Toothpaste in the Philippines with #SilverIon Particles that helps prevent the growth of bacteria. It is the only toothpaste fortified with vitamin E and Zinc Lactate to promote fresh breath and clean teeth!✅Get that Silver Ion Clean! 🔹Anti-microbial 🔹Fights #infection 🔹Prevents #inflammation✅Be Confident with Zinc Lactate! 🔹Fights bad breathe 🔹Prevents #tartar 🔹Prevents #gingivitis✅Feel Fresh with Vitamin E! 🔹Moisturizing effect for that fresh feel in your mouth! #SilverFresh does not contain the harsh chemicals found in regular toothpastes. 🔹 no #PARABEN 🔹NO #TRICLOSAN 🔹no #FLOURIDE
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Sante Fresh & Clean Nano Charcoal Toothbrush (2's) ₱630.00 ₱1,386.00
Prevent oral diseases through the unique benefits of charcoal. This nano charcoal toothbrush is a double bristle toothbrush which consists of a top layer of soft bristles made of special materials and a bottom layer of regular bristles. This functional toothbrush is perfect for the prevention of periodontitis.  
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NourSkin Mouth Spray 30ml (Zero Microbes in Seconds) ₱250.00 ₱599.00
NourSkin Mouth Spray (Zero Microbes in Seconds) Stabilized ClO2, Oxygen Technology ✅ All-Natural ✅ Sugar & Alcohol Free ✅ Odor Eliminator ✅ Mouth Sanitizer ✅ Real Fresh Breath ✅ 100% Safe for Frequent Use 💯   NS Mouth Spray uses the original U.S. patented technology in stabilized ClO2, clinically proven safe & effective in maintaining healthy oral microflora. The cleansing power of Oxygen instantly eliminates Anaerobic bacteria (disease-causing microbes) and Stabilized Chlorine Dioxide (ClO) eliminates odor-causing volatile sulfur compounds in the mouth as a sanitizer and a real fresh breath anytime, anywhere.
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KB Teeth Whitening Pen ₱595.00 ₱1,200.00
Smile is contagious. It brings positive vibes to people you mingle with. But how can you smile if your teeth are as yellowish as the sun when in fact you could have it whiten as porcelain? Shameful, isn’t it? Stained teeth rooted from prolonged exposure to certain food colorings and tobacco use. Would you dare to skip your favorite meal and tobacco just to maintain your teeth? We doubt it. This is the main reason why YumeiMise came up with a discovery that proves to bleach the stains in one’s yellowish teeth in just 5 minutes. The company understands that customers like you find their scapegoats in eating colored food and smoking leaving their teeth tarnished. But we do not want you to sacrifice your teeth because it serves as a mirror to your personality likewise a gateway to confidence. In this regard, we bring you KB Pure Whitening Pen. Part of the popular and awarded KB Skin Whitening Set that sets to bring teeth to its normal, lustrous white. This innovation was formulated using active ingredients primarily carbamide peroxide and glycerol and passed FDA and HALAL standards.   Teeth Whitening It brings positive vibes to people you mingle with Stained teeth rooted from prolonged exposure to certain food colorings and tobacco use Bleach the stains in one’s yellowish teeth in just 5 minutes.   DIRECTIONS: 1. Brush teeth and wipe dry. Rotate pen at base to dispense gel. 2. Hold a wide smile, keeping lips away from teeth during treatment. 3. Apply a thin layer. 4. Gel activates immediately on contact with teeth slightly foaming while dissolving surface stains. 5. Allow 60 seconds to dry. Do not rinse as the gel remains active. 6. Refrain from drinking or eating for 30 minutes after application.   FREQUENCY OF USE:Apply up to twice per day for up to two weeks. To maintain results, apply once or twice a week or as required.