Don't Worry Be Happy by Bo Sanchez

Don't Worry Be Happy by Bo Sanchez
"The only antidote to fear is love. When you fill your life with love, your fears naturally disappear. I'm talking about a love for God, a love for others, a love for yourself, and a love for life itself." - Bo Sanchez

For such a powerful, entertaining and life-changing book, you have a lot of takeaways. Bo Sanchez will show you "The 7 Secrets of Extreme Happiness":
¤ Happy people create their destiny.
¤ Happy people like themselves a lot.
¤ Happy people nurture connections.
¤ Happy people find delight everywhere.
¤ Happy people embrace change.
¤ Happy people trust deeply.
¤ Happy people work their purpose daily.

Feel inspired. Be blessed. Be empowered and refreshed with God today!